Messages from the Heart

Dear Spencer,  I’m preparing to head to Equine Therapy Training this afternoon.  I’m simply blown away by the insights I’m receiving in this time here.  The training is very spiritual in nature and one thing I’ve learned already is the importance of slowing down, of listening, connecting to my guides and doing deep inner work … Continue reading Messages from the Heart

Pre-Shadow Mercury Rx + a lil’ magic!

Yet, isn't this exactly the reason why we are studying astrology?  To understand what is going on around us, what lessons the planets are bringing up and to simply give our best efforts to consciously do our work. Remembering to live in gratitude, be in the calm, trust in something greater and feel how it is moving throughout the entire planet. 

Start of a New Cycle and the Accumulation of Small Choices

Dear Angelique, So after all of that waiting, my view of the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus was obscured by clouds in Austin, Texas yesterday.  The Llewellyn's guide says "Oh Happy Day" for the Jupiter Venus conjunction, and it says "Oh Happy Day" again on November 24th when Venus laps Jupiter once again. But Oh … Continue reading Start of a New Cycle and the Accumulation of Small Choices