New Year 2021 – Making a “Yes” pile and a “No” Pile for the New Era

Dear Angelique, Today I want to write you about a powerful process of transformation that has come with the movement into 2021 and the new Era marked by the Powerful Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that will occur on December 21. We have a real opportunity to consciously choose what we want to bring with … Continue reading New Year 2021 – Making a “Yes” pile and a “No” Pile for the New Era

In the Affirmative Prayer

Dear Stephanie & Spencer, I’m writing this to share that I am going off line for the next few days. I have studied and prepared a lot this week for tomorrows Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and for Sunday, January 12th’s Saturn and Pluto Convergence. At this very moment, my eyes are tired and … Continue reading In the Affirmative Prayer


Dearest Spence, The Cosmos are asking us to be bold with ourselves. Honest, direct and frank. The Universe is helping us to achieve our truest desires which is ultimately what Source is guiding us towards. In order for our life to align in the best ways possible we MUST put in the work. This starts … Continue reading DREAMING BIG

Heartfelt Honest Truths

Dear Spencer, The following paragraph is a disclaimer.. I haven’t been feeling that well. I don’t feel like my normal chipper self. Yet, I am saying this to share that I know that where I am right now is exactly where I am meant to be. I am in a process. I also love this … Continue reading Heartfelt Honest Truths

Two Little Birds

Dear Angelique, I think this is going to be kind of a long rambling letter.  I was down about two pages into it when I jumped back up here to say this at the top.  Angelique, my 40 lenten dieta to restore my personal integrity and potentiate my divine connection is going really well, and … Continue reading Two Little Birds