Mercury in Aries, the End of Retrograde and the Close of this Cycle.

Dear Angelique, I have had a really good integration since the end of the 40 day lenten dieta on Sunday, and I definitely feel things starting to move forward energetically. Sometimes it's hard for me to get started writing about things like this. It seems like I have to write for a little while until … Continue reading Mercury in Aries, the End of Retrograde and the Close of this Cycle.

New Times on the Horizon 🌅

Dear Spencer,  Happy Super Full Moon in Libra, happy Equinox in Aries plus the simultaneous beginning of the astrological new year!  Lots of welcomed newness on the horizon my friend. 🙂  I’d like to give a big thank you to the team at I truly align with their astrological intuitions and explanations. The insights … Continue reading New Times on the Horizon 🌅

Two Little Birds

Dear Angelique, I think this is going to be kind of a long rambling letter.  I was down about two pages into it when I jumped back up here to say this at the top.  Angelique, my 40 lenten dieta to restore my personal integrity and potentiate my divine connection is going really well, and … Continue reading Two Little Birds

Slowing Down..

Dear Spencer,  Happy New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune! This new moon is asking us to change, adapt and step-up to another level within the various responsibilities we hold in our lives.  Let’s ask ourselves how we are showing up and are we truly appreciating this life we are so blessed to lead? Also honoring … Continue reading Slowing Down..

Angel Whispers 👼 ✨

Dear Spencer,  Thanks for breaking down the astronomical side of Mercury Rx.  I think I’m going to have to read your post a few more times for it to truly sink in.  I feel this is something that is very important to understand, yet my brain doesn’t automatically say ‘Aha, gotcha!’ upon first reading it.  … Continue reading Angel Whispers 👼 ✨

Mercury Retrograde March 5, 2019

Dear Angelique, We are arriving at the new Moon of Pisces, which will arrive with Ash Wednesday on March 6th, the day after Fat Tuesday and the day after Mercury enters Retrograde.  As you know, I've been keeping my eye on this little cluster of astrological events, and I think I can already feel the … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde March 5, 2019