Jupiter Abounds

Dear Spencer,  My friend I miss you so much already! I hope you are having an amazing, deep and spiritual journey in Jerusalem. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back, no matter how brief that may be!  Early this morning the Moon became Full in Sagittarius.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and so is very … Continue reading Jupiter Abounds

Transformation~ mais uma vez! (one more time) ♥️

Dear Spencer,  Deep Breath. Relax. Trust. One step at a time. Believe in your power. Remember you are guided. Feel the magic. And also do the work.  (I had to write these words to help me focus and allow this post to come through.)  We are entering into an active astrological time.  Much is going … Continue reading Transformation~ mais uma vez! (one more time) ♥️

Moon Conjunct Uranus

Dear Angelique, It was so much fun seeing you in Austin last weekend. I can't believe it's already Friday of the following week. I have been receiving so many lessons over these last ten days or so. I want to talk about some of them here now, and one of them even has to do … Continue reading Moon Conjunct Uranus

Diving Deep into the Heart

Dear Spencer,  I’m so happy we connected over the phone yesterday! And thank you for your last share.  Wow, what a gnarly burn on your hand and yet, I’m stoked to hear of all the beautiful realizations you received from it.  I’m thankful for your positive attitude, seeing the silver lining and the wisdom which … Continue reading Diving Deep into the Heart

Mercury Has a Message Today

Dear Angelique, I think you are about to board your flight back to Miami as I am writing this! I can't believe you will be here tomorrow. We had an epic day on the boat yesterday. I've been having fun with a new camera, and I've been getting back into developing the pictures. The weather … Continue reading Mercury Has a Message Today

Jupiter Squares Neptune and the Night of St. John

Dear Angelique, Guess what... today, yes exactly today, is day 40 of my 40 Day Lenten 7 chakras Dieta to Restore Personal Integrity and Potentiate My Divine Connection. It cracks me up every time I say that. I don't know the psychology behind that. But anyway, here we are on Day 40 and I have … Continue reading Jupiter Squares Neptune and the Night of St. John

Triple Gemini Astrology Reading

Dear Angelique, I have a good story to tell you today! Ever since we started writing this blog a few months ago, I have shared some of the things I have learned with some of my friends. I have a friend who just went through a divorce, and she has been doing a really good … Continue reading Triple Gemini Astrology Reading