Jupiter, The Planet of Expansion

Oi Spencer, Wow, life is bringing lots of lessons.  Teaching me how to grow stronger in some areas, relax in others.. ultimately trusting in my souls greater plan and that which the Universe is unfolding for us all. I’m thankful to be in Bahia and know that I am meant to be here. I feel … Continue reading Jupiter, The Planet of Expansion

New Moon Stirrings

Dear Spencer,  On March 21st’s Equinox, we began the Astrological New Year.  Tomorrow’s (April 5th) New Moon is in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Spencer, as we are budding astrology students, I had a thought that the past 7 months (about how long ago we began this blog) have been sort of an astrological … Continue reading New Moon Stirrings

Aligning + Adjusting 👊

Dear Spencer,  So much has come to pass since we left Miami April 22nd for Bahia.  Wow, what a trip we had! There were quite a few times when I both witnessed and experienced true magic in real-life form.  I’m full of gratitude for the time we were able to all spend together, for our collective healing and for … Continue reading Aligning + Adjusting 👊