Full Moon in Aquarius <3

Dear Spencie, 

Thought to share a little write up about the upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius! Its truly so special to connect the moon phase, astrological sign, and personal life processes. Seeing how connected and truly natural the process is.

Sending love from a cold, windy, and somewhat rainy day in Bahia!

Love, Angeliquee


Tomorrow, July 23, 2021, we are celebrating a Full Moon resting in the astrological sign of Aquarius. 

Aquarius is a profound energy, one who helps to transcend your current reality and evolve together with the collective. Aquarius begins with the individual; dedicated and focused in understanding the world on a practical, scientific basis. Includes a strong conscious understanding that that which happens to the individual inevitably affects the whole. 

A positive aspect of Aquarius is that it transforms its personal knowledge in order to support the masses; implementing the ‘tried and true’ into new thought forms, concepts and ideas. Ultimately transforming reality into a way that has not quite been lived before. 

This Full Moon in Aquarius is highlighting a duality that resides within. Encouraging you to study a collective internal division. That of the desire to be a part of and belong within the group mindset.  Yet, simultaneously feeling a strong desire to find a way to creatively express your unique individual potential. This opportune moment gives an insight in how to move through what is no longer serving you and in how to move through obstacles in a new, innovative way. 

The heavens are opening a portal to help you understand your personal psychology and ways of being.  This insight offers a gift to see how you sacrifice yourself in order to fit into a societal norm.  The Aquarian energy encourages you to embrace your uniqueness and gives the courage to act outside of the conventional way of being. 

The Aquarian energy is known as being radical aka ‘The Rebel.’  For it understands the root cause of the way our world functions and from this point is able to create new concepts and ideas in how to better the way of life for the whole.  The Full Moon in Aquarius is gifting you with a heightened ability of existing in two worlds at the same time. A true gift of weaving magic into the very fabric of reality as well as honoring the profound intelligence which innately resides within each one.

This Full Moon is a time of allowing your soul to shine. Illuminating the patterns and ways of being which have brought you to this exact present moment. Highlighting the ups and downs. Your own sacred duality. 

With the force of Aquarius present, a guide is here to help you study your inner workings and ancient patterns. A knowledge at the very depths of why you are the way you are. And simultaneously receiving new insights, intuits on how to merge everything into a new way of being; one that is optimal for your personal, divine evolution. This inner process and innate transformation inevitable affects the entire world. For as we are all connected, each wisdom received inevitably applies to the lives of the collective. For each individuals unique healing is a healing for ALL. 

The Full Moon in Aquarius encourages you to be uniquely you! To respect and understand the rules and the mechanics of the ‘proper’ way of existence. And then through direct connection to Source, receive new insights on how to evolve within the rules; creating new forms and systems. 

This full moon is a time to celebrate. To honor lived experiences and to receive. Receive in the calm, in the surrender and trust with full faith knowing Divine Source is sharing with you how to move, how to evolve and ultimately support the collective consciousness. 

The Aquarian energy is an integral aspect of the New World which is forming before your very eyes. Committing to your personal evolution is a simultaneous commitment to the evolution of society at large.  For the healing of one individual is connected to the next.  As living beings, we are linked to all life forms. YOU are an integral part of the divine evolution of the planet! Together we rise. Hand in hand, step by step. Always remembering that love and compassion is your ruling guide.

Let’s unite in order to be a part of the magical evolution humanity is experiencing. The times are powerfully transformative. The future is unknown. Use your innate wisdom and spiritual connection to transmute what no longer serves into the fuel for profound growth. Smile from your heart and commit to living the best version of your full potential! 

Full Moon in Aquarius Blessings!!

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