Lua Cheia~ Escorpião 🦂🌕

Dearest Spencer!!

I was pleasantly surprised and happy to receive a notification sharing that you posted on our blog! Funny thing is, yesterday I planned to share one as well, which is exactly connected with the Full Moon in Scorpio and the arrival of both you and Stephanie. Oh my goodness, I am so excited. I miss the two of you terribly. And I, too, fill like this is going to be a good trip.

I am not surprised that there were a few misunderstandings before takeoff.. isn’t that always the case when y’all are making your way here?! Thank you for your share on astrology and you will be seeing Noah, oh so soon!!

Below I will share my personal interpretation of the energies of the Full Moon in Scorpio.. hope you enjoy! I’m thankful for these powerfully transformative times we are living. No matter how strong the squeeze feels at times, it always passes. And on the other side are rainbows, sparkles, unconditional love and pure joy. See you soon my friend 🙂

Know the following is not a prediction of what is to come. They are simply interpretations of this greater cosmology. A defining of the energy of the moon phase along with its current astrological zodiac sign.  Keep what resonates, let go of what does not. For we are on a journey of self-realization. To come into touch with the wisdom which resides within us.  The moon is a teacher, guide and so much more.

Full Moon in Scorpio~ Death & Rebirth.. A Call from the Wise Sages 

As the light of the full moon illuminates your deepest wishes and desires, dance ecstatically to the whispers of your soul. Move to her rhythms. Connect to her intimate calling, the sacred chant that moves from within. A time to release that which naturally arises. Surrender to what is present. Accept completely that which is before you. 

Scorpio reaches into our very depths. It reveals to us that which we are most afraid of. Shows us what we’ve been unable to shake off. For within this portal is our key to freedom. To truly knowing ourselves.

In this moment there is a need for an active will power and determination to call in the energies of transformation.

Be willing to let go of the old patterns which no longer serve. Take a deep breath and give it up to our great Earth Mother. Feel her nurturing, loving energy. Embrace this within your very being. And witness the clarity, calm and truth that arises. Trust your gut instincts. For you hold a power inside far greater than your intellectual mind conceives.

Scorpio is a water sign, represents the stage of purification and healing. The final act of preparation for a new cycle. Feel the tides of the moon, ebbing and flowing within you. Her powerful force of transformation opening to this natural movement within.

Take each experience and live it fully. Stand your ground. Be permeable. Allow feelings to move through. Call in your inner witch and witness true maturation. The wisdom that passeth all understanding. Believe in who you are and in your process. Allow what no longer serves to fall away. For only in dying can we be reborn. Trust in the perfection of the universe knowing its winds will carry you wherever you are meant to go. 

You are a divine being with a unique mission to fulfill. What is it that you are here to let go of at this moment? What is illuminating and developing in your life? Ask yourself these deep questions. Surrender to the tumultuous waves of the sea.

Feel the ancient call, the chill in your bones, the familiar feeling of warmth and of unconditional love.  You carry the roadmap within your heart, and only YOU can unlock this mystery. The key is within. Sacred. Holy. Unwavering. The time is here and the time is now. Shake, dance, cry, laugh, sing, write. Allow these movements to arise from the very depths of your being.

In the bright light of the Scorpio Full Moon there is an opportunity to witness many forgotten, repressed, unloved aspects of Self which reside within the psyche. The Work is the transmutation and redemption of these energies. For the force of the moon tugs, pulls and connects all of the hidden, subconscious nooks and crannies. Know that beyond this is illumination, freedom and bliss. Grounded in the essence of purity. 

A death of the ego to embrace the true Self; empty, void and inexplicably beautiful. With the growing sense of something dying, a vigor for life ensues. Nurtured and grounded in truth. Through clarity and calm, anxiety is released. A connection with the gifts you were born to experience, to create, to share and to live. A surrender to the true ‘Path’ ensues.  The path of acceptance, self-compassion and love. 

Within the Force of the Illumined Full Moon in Scorpio the Union of Love and Power is Experienced.

My dear sister, the Dawn of the New Age is here, is now. Fear not what arises within. For this is the key to self-mastery. Face all that comes and know from the truth of your very being you are awakening, you are rising, you are far greater than any fear or obstacle that presents itself before you. Remember the comfort of the breath. The inhale and the exhale. The inevitable calm which arises from the wisdom of the heart. Open your senses to allow revelations to occur. 

Believe in the truth of who you are. For the miracle and magic of your very existence awaits. Blessed be. Full Moon Blessings ❤ 


Angelique Marie

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