Meeting Baby Noah At Last

Dear Angelique,

It looks like today is finally the day that we will fly down to Brazil to meet our first Grandson Baby Noah! This has been such a journey for me. I remember when I was last in Brazil over the New Year, it felt so certain that we would return in mid March and remain until a few weeks after the birth. Well April fools on us! It’s now April 25th and we are just leaving today (Si Déus Quiser), a full six weeks after we had originally planned.

We were all ready to leave yesterday, and twelve hours before our planned departure for the airport, we discovered that I made an error in our flight arrangements with the overnight flight, and we learned that we depart tonight at 11:00 p.m. instead of last night. This meant our COVID tests were no longer valid for our flight, and so we had to rush and find new Covid tests that could give results within 24 hours (we are still waiting)

So this morning we woke up with a very calm energy, because we have nothing planned at all. We were supposed to be arriving in Brazil, and instead we are here in Miami, and everyone thinks we have already left. I woke up early and walked with the dog to get some coffee in Coconut Grove and then sat on a bench on the shore of Biscayne Bay and enjoyed the breeze and the morning sun with my coffee. I had a moment to reflect on this journey, and I wondered what was in the stars that could explain this delay.

When I got home I checked the Astrology and I found something interesting. Mercury is conjunct Venus today, which means from our perspective here on Earth they are in line with each other. And both of them are “square” Saturn, which means that if you were to imagine a line from your eye to Venus and Mercury, and another line from your eye to Saturn, the two lines would make a 90 degree angle like the base of a square. Square aspects in astrology are considered to be in conflict.

And as I dug a little deeper into the exact timing of this, I . . .

. . . at this exact instant the frog pictured above jumped out of the air conditioning vent above my desk and landed right next to me and I coaxed him onto a sheet of photo paper and released him in an orchid outside . . .

As I was saying, I dug a little deeper into the exact timing of these alignments. At this moment of writing this post, Saturn is at 12 degrees of Aquarius while Mercury and Venus are both at 13 degrees of Taurus. This means that both Mercury and Venus were coming into perfect alignment with Saturn yesterday, and then sometime in the last day, they passed this perfect alignment. Even more surprising, Mercury is at 13 degrees and 1 minute and Venus is at 13 degrees and 20 minutes, so they are within 1/3 of 1 degree of each other right now, and the faster moving Mercury will pass Venus before our flight at 11:00 pm tonight.

So what does this mean? Venus is the planet of beauty love and money, and Mercury is the planet of communication and Saturn is the planet of limitation, restriction, and boundaries. The conjunction of Mercury and Venus is a beautiful alignment bringing together these energies of love and communication, beauty and money. What a perfect energy to bless our trip to visit baby Noah, right?

So then the interesting part…Saturn acts as a restriction. So as we were preparing for our trip yesterday, it simply could not happen with the energy of restriction building as the two smaller planets approached their alignment. Now that the “square” with Saturn is over, Venus and Mercury are being released from this restriction, and we are blessed with the opportunity to travel to Brazil under this favorable light.

I looked up the meaning of a Frog, and it speaks of self love, healing, and purification. Also we have the Frog medicine Kambo waiting for us there in Brazil. I think my little friend is here to tell me that this is going to be a great trip.

I can’t wait to see you and I can’t wait to meet Baby Noah.

Love Spencer

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