New Year 2021 – Making a “Yes” pile and a “No” Pile for the New Era

Dear Angelique,

Today I want to write you about a powerful process of transformation that has come with the movement into 2021 and the new Era marked by the Powerful Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that will occur on December 21. We have a real opportunity to consciously choose what we want to bring with us into this exciting new time. It feels to me like we are all given the opportunity to create our own “Noah’s Arc” and to decide what we want to take forward with us, and what we want to leave behind. This can apply to all the areas of our lives–our relationships, our possessions, our habits, our emotional responses to people and events, our activities, and our use of technology.

I love the idea of an ARC of Noah. A huge flood is coming, and whatever you put in your Arc will be saved and whatever you leave behind will perish. For most items, the choice will be obvious, but even so, we still have to consciously choose what to take on the Arc. It takes a positive action, and anything we do not actively select will be left for the flood. What a great opportunity for house cleaning! And so that’s the spiritual practice I would like to complete with this coming gateway into the New Era that we will experience December 21 to January 1. We must all make our own Noah’s Arc to sail through the transition. And so the important question we must all ask, is what do we want to put on the ARC to take with us into the New Era?

Remember the New Year when 2018 turned to 2019 and we did the prayer for 2019? That was a very powerful practice for me, and it led to the unwinding of relationships that were no longer useful in my life. This really was the start of the creation of my personal ARC. And so my dear friend, I would like to suggest a practice for this year, from December 21 to January 1, let’s prepare ourselves for the New Age by consciously choosing what we want to take with us on our Arcs.

It will take quite a bit of reflection to go through this process. We need to identify what we really want to keep and what we want to be free of. Break your list into separate categories that suit your needs. For me, there are relationships, personal habits, material possessions and projects, emotional responses, manners of speaking, and patterns of thought. Each of these relate to our chakras aligned from the root to the crown.

For me this process started consciously with my Material Possessions. Back in October, when we prepared to move into our new house, Stephanie brought her amazing organizational instincts into play. The first thing she did was create labels “YES” and “NO” and put them on all the shelves. We put the items we wanted to take with us to the new home on the YES shelves and the items we wanted to give away or donate onto the NO shelves. We had YES and NO racks in the closets for clothes, on the shelves in the bathroom cabinets, in the kitchen, on the book shelves, on drawers in the living room. And so for the first three weeks of October, we sorted all of our belongings into the Yes and No piles.

Eighty percent of the time, the choices were easy. Both of us agreed without much thought whether a particular item should be kept. Like I’m not going to leave a guitar behind in the flood, and old pans with cracked teflon that would not work on the new induction cooktop were obviously headed for the “NO” pile. Some items were a little harder to negotiate. We decided that a vote by one of us could save something to the ARC, and a NO vote by both of us would surrender the item to the flood. There were a couple items that went back and forth a couple times.

About one week before the move, Stephanie took all the items from all the NO shelves and gathered them in boxes in the middle of the living room. We separated them into various gift and donation piles, and almost eliminated entirely the pile that went to the garbage. And then, before the movers came, all of the NO items were shipped out. Only the items one of us ACTIVELY selected made it into the new house.

And since the move, the process has expanded. I have cut my involvement in projects that were draining my time, energy and attention and taking me away from what is important in my life. We also ended some relationships that were draining our energy away.

And now I am in the final step. Emotional responses and thought patterns. I received a really beautiful insight during my Concentration on December 15th. I saw how little emotional wounds spread from one person to the next like little viruses. Imagine you have plans with someone you are in relationship with, and they don’t show up and your feelings get hurt. Imagine further that the next time you have plans with that person, all kinds of things happen and you are unavoidably detained and so you end up showing up 45 minutes late. “Oh I am so sorry” you might explain… but imagine that there is some little part of you that wanted to show the person what it felt like to be stood up. This little subconscious thought pattern formed around the wound suffered when you were stood up the first time, and this little energetic being takes some passive aggressive satisfaction from hurting back.

Keep going with me on this Angelique. Imagine that during the day when you show up late, you were at the dry cleaner and your order was not ready to pick up. You could have come back after lunch, but instead you decided to wait thirty minutes to receive it. You might tell yourself that you were a victim of a crazy day and could not help being late, and yet some part of you does not want to pick up the phone and text your friend, because that part of you wants them to suffer like you did when you were stood up.

Does any of this resonate with you? This is a mechanism for how emotional wounds get transferred one to another and perpetuated like a virus. And these mechanisms are largely subconscious because they operate in the background. We stay and wait for the order, allowing ourselves to be delayed, and then we believe our own story “oh my gosh I’m so sorry I made you wait, it was so crazy today!”

I saw how how this mechanism works in myself during the concentration and how I can maintain boundaries that protect me from being hurt by these kind of actions towards me and how forgiveness and love can heal the wounds from the arrows that get through.

So for my YES pile, I want to include the facility for forgiveness and a facility for understanding the pain of people who hurt me. That way if Stephanie comes into the kitchen with her headphones on after we have an argument, I don’t feel ignored and hurt and then ignore her again later. Instead, I put that negative emotional and mental process in the NO pile.

This extends to our diets, our exercise habits, our stresses and our spiritual practices.

Angelique, I’d like to ask you to start thinking about your YES and NO piles for all of these areas, and then I’d like to suggest that for the next couple of weeks we really sit with all of these areas so we can really fill our ARCs with all that is good and leave the bad behind with Donald Trump in Mar a Lago.

See you Sunday!!


One thought on “New Year 2021 – Making a “Yes” pile and a “No” Pile for the New Era

  1. Thanks Spence, I’m definitely going to adhere to your suggestions here and am going to start on the list today. I’ve been feeling the need to do something to prepare, yet I wasn’t sure exactly how to start. Hopefully this will turn into a blog post. See you Sunday!! 💛


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