Welcome to the Nova Era–what will you put in the Arc?

Dear Angelique,

I have been meaning to write you for such a long time! Do you ever fail to start something because you don’t know when you are going to have time to finish? This letter is like that for me. I have so much I want to write before the Grand Conjunction on December 21, that I have not even been able to start. So here I am starting, and maybe this will be the first of a series of posts, or maybe it will be a post that I revise over and over again. Either way, it feels good to be started.

One of the things I have enjoyed about our blog is the way we use it to set our intentions for the new year. This year is a little different, because we are passing from one age to the next. On December 21, the Jupiter and Saturn will pass within on tenth of one degree of each other at zero degrees of Aquarius, on the night of the winter solstice. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter occurs about every twenty years. That is easy to understand math of the relative orbital periods of the two planets.

But there is a deeper symmetry to the dance of Jupiter and Saturn, very similar to the rhythm of retrogrades of Venus. The conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn for the past 235 years, since roughly the time of the American Revolution, have occurred only in Earth signs. This year, the conjunction will happen at zero degrees of Aquarius, and for the next 235 years, they will only occur in air signs. These big shifts follow major changes in global society. We went from the dark ages, to the even darker time of genocide and colonization, to the time of the American Revolution, to today.

The American revolution marked a huge shift in the source of governmental authority rom the divine right of kings to the consent of the governed. Think of this. Before the American Revolution, the authority of a king to be the ruler came from God. That’s why the Roman Catholic Church coronated the Kings and Queens of England until Henry the 8th separated from the Roman Catholic Church and created the Anglican Church. This was not just so that he could get a divorce. It was because the British crown did not want to derive it’s authority from a Church in Rome. But the basic point was, the power of the crown flowed from the authority of the Church, which was a completely corrupt political organization as well.

Then came the Declaration of Independence in the United States. This was an interesting revolution because it was not a revolution of poor people overthrowing an oppressive government. The American revolution was led by slave owners and the wealthiest of Americans. They had no interest in a redistribution of wealth. Why does the Declaration of Independence speak of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” instead of “life, liberty and property”? That is because the people formulating the revolution had no interest in creating a fundamental right to property. Our founding fathers wanted to keep the property. They needed a LEGAL revolution against the King of England that left the powerful in power.

So the Declaration of Independence complained about the abuses of King George, all the taxation without representation and so forth. And so one beautiful thing did come out of the Declaration of Independence, and that was the notion that the authority of government, the right to rule so to speak, flows from the consent of the governed as opposed to divine right of kings.

And so now we are moving into the New Era, and it seems pretty clear that the big message is that we are a GLOBAL Community. Think about for a second Angelique. The two big stories right now are COVID and Global Warming/Climate Change, but we also have the internet and international travel, which makes instant communication across the Globe a common occurrence. We can send a message to someone in Brazil instantly. When I started my professional career, FedEx and Fax Machines were new ideas. My first job was as a runner for a law firm. I would carry documents that were typed on a type writer across town to deliver them to another attorney. There was no email. To send a letter to Brazil would have taken two weeks. Now our news and communications are instant.

These incredibly powerful forces cut across all borders. We no longer have local problems with local solutions. We have mass emmigration of people fleeing war and famine, we have a global pandemic, we have fires in the Amazon, Australia and California. We can no longer act as separate people in separate nations who point fingers and fight with one another. We need to come together and recognize that we are a global community. This process will be marked by this Grand Conjunction.

2027 Years in the past, there was another Grand Conjunction, which would have been the “Star of Bethlehem.” Grand Conjunctions can come in sets of three or as single events, depending on the retrograde cycles of the planets. In the year 07 BCE, which was about the exact time of the birth of Christ, there were three Grand Conjunctions between May 29 and December 4 of 07 BCE. These events were thought to be the “rising star” of the King of the Jews. We know from Historical record that King Herod died in 04 BCE, and we know that Herod was alive when Jesus was born, and so that puts the best estimate of his birth at about 7 BCE, and hence the Star of Bethlehem.

How many years has it taken for that energetic shift to play out? We are still feeling the reverberations are we not?

I am feeling a very strong energy around this shift, and for me it feels like we are all in the place of Noah loading our arcs. We have to consciously choose what we will bring with us into the new age. This is our personal task. But we also have to choose on a national and global level. We have to choose to be rid of Donald Trump and his brand of fascism of the ignorant.

Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Combine this with Fake News, Propaganda and White Supremacy, and you have Hitler, Mussolini and Donald Trump. MAGA hats are the Swastikas of the early 21st century. So we are putting MAGA Fascism in the “NO” pile for the new era.

And hopefully we will put environmental devastation in the “NO” pile as well. Look what is happening in Brazil. The Amazon is literally being destroyed as quickly as possible by those in power now so they can complete their work before power shifts. Also, note how Brazil claims the Amazon as its sovereign territory even though it is the lungs of the entire earth. The Amazon does not belong to the government of Brazil, just like California does not belong to the Government of the United States. Americans are no better than the Brazilians. We were perfectly happy to massacre all of the indigenous people who stood in the way of our economic expansion, and we cut down all of our forests too.

Angelique, I know the news seems dire, just like it did 235 years ago. The Declaration of Independence occurred on July 4, 1776, and the Constitution was signed in 1789. It took 13 years for that process to work itself out. But the pain we are experiencing now is what will motivate us to shift to a global society. It’s going to take decades for this process to complete.

What does this mean to us personally? Well we have to pack our bags for the trip on the Arc. We have to consciously choose what we will bring with us and what we will leave behind. If we don’t do this consciously, then the choosing will happen by circumstance, and that’s what we will have.

Over the next week we need to really look at our lives, our possessions, our relationships, our jobs, our homes, everything, and we have to choose what we want to take with us. And our friend Kate pointed out to me, we also have to choose what emotional responses we want to take with us. I’m going to be sitting with these thoughts the next few days Angelique, and maybe we can have a little ceremony on the 21st to mark the occasion.

I think, after writing this much, that I will write a second part about the personal side.



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