The Space between Universes

Dear Angelique,

I’m so happy that, si Deus quiser, we will finally see each other in less than three weeks. I can’t believe that it’s been since the new year that I saw you, and here we are upon the cusp of something big, and it’s all moving so fast. Angelique, I felt a strong guide coming to me to write you tonight. To write you about this space between universes that I am inhabiting right now.

You see, I have not seen a single election return. It’s after 7:00 pm, the polls are closing, and I’m sure every media outlet in the world is on fire right now. But I have not broken the seal. I am like Shroedinger’s Cat…alive or dead… until you open the box and it’s determined.

And I can feel the energy from Mercury’s direct station today. I have felt it in the cool light of Venus in the morning sky, a welcome relief from the fire of Mars. Yes Angelique, we slipped under Mars and past it’s opposition, and as we race on around the sun chasing Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will be coming into their great conjunction at zero degrees of Aquarius. This will be the closest they have been to each other since something like 1678 or something like that. I was reading an article that they are twice as close as two stars near the Big Dipper that are used as a test of vision to see if a person can tell them apart. Hopefully we will have a good view!

So here I sit, at the kitchen table, new puppy at my feet. Stephanie is in the other room finishing an online yoga class, and I’m here waiting for her to finish so we can cook some shrimp and vegetables. We are moving into a new house next week, and everything is going so smoothly. I feel a sense of calm and well being, and that maybe after so much HOT energy and fires and wars and civil unrest and stupid pointless cruelty and environmental destruction, disease and economic devestation from cowardly government policy… so much Angelique… before I check the news, before I break the seal, I want to say a sincere prayer.

I really want to pray for a blanket of peace to descend upon us. I want for us to realize that we have enough to take care of everyone, and that nobody in the world is threatened by providing security to others. I pray for our country that the peoples that have been pitted against each other, people against people, can see that they are brothers. Can you see it in the fighting on the streets? We have been divided into two camps and instructed to hate the other. I pray for the light of recognition in the eyes of our fellow citizens.

I pray for integrity in government. I pray for the angels and guides to come to our leaders and help them to seek consensus and to provide good policy for our government. I pray for an end to this incredibly stupid divisiveness. How is it possible that 100% of Republicans think one thing and 100% of the Democrats think another? I pray for some peace for them so that they can feel friendship and comradely with their colleagues. After all, what an honor to be a representative of the people. Please have some gratitude and do your service like the ants do.

Ant wisdom Angelique. I pray for the wisdom of the Ants to come to us, so that we may work in harmony towards good goals. I pray for all the people suffering because of our inhumane policies, in our prisons and at our borders and in our schools. I pray for people who fear the police and police who fear the people. I pray for the people who stand behind a LIAR with their mouths closed because they are afraid to lose their positions, and for those whose hearts are rotten from the corruption they hide.

And for kids. I pray for them to have joy and hope. I pray for relief for refugees and for the sick, and for intelligent policy to save our economy and our health as we navigate this pandemic. I pray for those who need to choose between buying groceries and paying rent, for landlords who can’t pay their debts because the rents are not coming in. I pray for the schools and the hospitals and the churches and for all of us. I pray for all of us to learn the one lesson that really matters…. The divine light in me is the divine light in you. I pray for Harmony, Love, Truth and Justice for all of my brothers and sisters.

And so now I’m sending this intention to the Universe. With all of my concentration, and when I break the seal and move into the next universe, I pray that my consciousness follows the path of peace.

Love you.


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