Our Ancestors Dreamed of Us

Dearest Spencer, 

Reading your words brought great peace to my soul. Telluride seems like a magical place and I am so thankful you and Stephanie have found refuge there over the past few months.

Boa Vista has been much that same refuge for me lately. Here, I find an opportunity to calm my mind. I feel incredibly safe and held. Sensing the embrace of both you and Stephanie within its walls.

I did an overview of the current astrology before beginning this post. Saturn stationed direct today and also forms a square with Mars in Retrograde. On October 1st we will have a full moon in Aries. Pluto turns direct October 4th. Mars squares Pluto October 9th. Mercury turns retrograde October 13th.  Followed by a Libra Super New Moon October 16th.  And the the second full moon of the month on Halloween, October 31st in the sign of Taurus. 

October is big month, a lot of the astrological energies we have been anticipating are arriving. I read somewhere that it is written in the stars we will make it to our destination. This brought a sense of great comfort. 

As you mentioned American politics seems like a big game. And no one seems to care who votes for who.  Nor does it even matter who you vote for, for it seems to be out of our hands anyway. Yet, I, too feel it is good to vote at least. 

I loved what you said here, “I will do the right thing and vote, but I’m going to hold my nose when I do it. If anyone in our government happens to read this, which I’m sure they won’t, shame on you for squandering this opportunity for our country to be a force of light in the world.”

Spence, I have so much more to read up on and learn.  I feel like a baby in the political and social arena. I began studying the lives of black revolutionaries a few weeks ago. Within this, I truly started studying the corruption of the United States.  The way in which it was built upon lies and stealing from others.  All to preserve and protect the wealthy, upperclass white skinned folks. 

I being a white woman who grew up in the United States received so many privileges, my sisters and brothers of color did not.  I feel a lot of gratitude towards my parents, who though they did not have much, always ensured I was given a good education and what I needed, in the best of their ability. 

Though, through all of this, I was sheltered to so many things.  And much of what we learned in school, this history, what I thought to be truth, was something those in power wanted me to believe. I knew no better.  And truly neither did my parents. 

Through my recent studies, I learnt (I know I am behind the game here) that slavery still exists. There’s an amendment which was created that the incarcerated carry the same rules that slaves held. Our prisons are growing by the number, greater now than ever was in our history before. The majority of them are people of color. They grow up in this horrendous cycle.  My heart is so touched, sad, angered and enlivened to learn how to stand up for what is right. 

So much has been coming up regarding police brutality within the Black Lives Matter Movement. I understand it isn’t all of the cops of the world, for only the worst case scenarios are shown. YET this IS happening A LOT. The deeper I go, the more cases I see unfold. 

Yet, at the same time, with this knew knowledge, the opening of this personal study has awoken something in my soul Spencer. As a child, I envisioned myself speaking to large groups of people with a calm, direct yet fierce passion in my words.  I’ve been reminded of this vision quite a bit lately.  When I think back, many of the visions, inner knowings I had as a child have come to fruition.  As I am reminded of this vision, I see how imperative it is continue to learn where racism unconsciously resides within me. What I am carrying with me from my ancestral lineages. To more deeply study the injustices occuring the world over.  To continuously walk forward with a humble heart and an open mind. 

It seems the astrology of 2020 has brought more secrets of the inner workings of our global world out in the open. These times are chaotic.  The trauma and wounds of the United States and Global World are out for everyone to see. (For the story of black lives is just one of MANY social injustices all around the world. Building the Wall in Mexico being one of them. Child sex trafficking.. There are similar themes in most every country. And this I look forward to slowly diving into more and more.)  Yet true healing is messy, non-linear.  Within this human experience there is light and there is dark. The light always wins, yet we must grow our muscles and use them intelligently as warriors of the light. 

Spence, thank God for nature and for Her simplicity. There is so much to learn from truly soaking her in. Studying in quiet contemplation. May we remember to take deep breaths in this time. Fill our hearts with true love and gratitude for all that is good on this planet. For there is SO much goodness. So much to be thankful for. 

I’m thankful for human connection and this deep inner knowing that we are all, as a collective, going through a HUGE karmic cleansing. We are arriving. Deep down all is good. One foot in front of the other. Boundaries. Focus. Determination. Love. Flexibility. Intelligence. Wisdom. Prayer. Daily Practices.

Communion with the Divine and the Higher Forces of Light and Love are necessary. For we are simply spiritual beings having a human experience!

Sending peace back to you in Miami. ❤

In Radical Peace, Unconditional Love &  True Forgiveness,


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