Happy Birthday Angelique!!

Dear Angelique,

I’m so pleased that I get to write to you on this auspicious day of the anniversary of your birth! Here we are with the Sun in Virgo, and with that I am wishing all beauty and perfection for you. It’s also coming up on another anniversary for this funny little blog that we have been writing. So happy birthday to you, and to our correspondence.

I was thinking of you last night Angelique. I had stepped outside to enjoy a communion with Santa Maria, and I saw a very bright star in the sky. I thought it was an airplane, and it felt good for a moment to feel that airplanes were flying into Miami at night again after long transcontinental flights, but after a few moments, I noticed that the light was not moving. It turns out that it was Mars about 30 degrees above the eastern Horizon. There has been so much talking about the Mars Retrograde, but very little discussion about how brilliantly Mars is shining in our night sky right now.

The summer, you might remember, was dominated by the fantastic appearance of Comet Neowise in Late July and then the spectacular duo of Jupiter and Saturn as they moved in retrograde through opposition to the sun over the middle of the summer. Venus made her appearance in the dawn sky, but there has been so little of Mars. But last night, there was the warrior with an ominous red glow shining down.

I have to say Angelique, it felt a little bit like an ill omen shining down. I felt the energy of Mars in retrograde stoking fires and anger. Building tension. Stoking the fires with fuel. But at the same time, I felt the presence of the Virgin Mary, offering protection, comfort, healing and faith to those who are praying for a better world. It was quite a strong contrast.

And of course, whenever there is such a strong energy in the sky I think of how you, down there in Bahia, can look up at the same time and see the same Mars shining down on you. I can feel your presence there in the protection of the Yawanawa energy and the firmness from your dieta. It felt good to know that you and Charlie and Simone and my growing grandchild are safe and protected.

Stephanie and I, protected by Rainha do Ceu, are on our way back to Telluride for a couple of weeks. It will be our first romantic get away for a long time. We really enjoyed spending the summer with Tata so much, but now it is time for us to have a couples retreat in the mountains with cool crisp sunny weather. No storms, no fires, no COVID, no election, no television. Just some peace.

And so that gets me to the heart of what I have been feeling for several weeks. It feels to me that we must all choose which world we want to be part of right now. There is the world of anger, war, fire, separation, and struggle. The world of the election which is being billed like a battle between titans, a Political, winner take all Super Bowl type of event. Godzilla vs. Gamera, Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, Patriots v. 49ers, Trump v. Biden . . . All fights to the death without possibility of compromise or seeing the other side of the equation. Coupled with that we have fires, and riots and demonstrations, and police killings, and killings of police, and hurricanes, and Russian spies poisoning opposition candidates with deadly secret nerve poison. It’s all in the news it seems, but it’s really not in my personal life, and I certainly am so grateful, that it’s not in your experience right now either.

I have been praying so much for peace, for a blanket of peace to come down and quench the flames with quite rain, calm the rhetoric with a voice of compassion, alleviate suffering with healing. And that is the choice we are being given right now. This is the time that we must all decide which world we want to be part of. We can choose to rage against each other in this world of strife, or we can strive to find common ground and healing.

All of this is in the stars right now isn’t it? Mars is stoking the fires and building the tension. We are on the cusp of a Mercury retrograde, which will cause so much havoc and confusion during the election. And yet, we are also approaching the Centenario of our beloved Padrinho Sebastião, and the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 20th.

We all have a choice to make right now Angelique, and our individual experiences will depend so much upon this choice. Those who choose peace will find peace. Those who choose calm will find calm. Those who choose health and well being will find health and well being. Those who wish to find war and conflict and hatred, well there is plenty of that going around too.

Its time for people recognize that it really does not matter what side you are on in a conflict, you are still choosing conflict. But if we choose peace and healing we can have that too. There are two universes opening right now, and we have to choose which path we take.

And so that gets back to the good news of your birthday Angelique. I hope and pray that you get to celebrate surrounded by love and harmony and nature. That you get to ride the horses and swim in the ocean, and that when you go out to gaze at the stars, that you see the peace and abundance of the new era, instead of the strife and conflict of the other path.

Enjoy the change of seasons, and we will see you in six weeks!

Love Spencer

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Angelique!!

  1. Thank you Spencer! Such a beautiful post. I feel so blessed and thankful to be exactly where I am. And also knowing you and Steph are so good.

    Viva our funny little blog! Viva our friendship and family.

    P.s. I’m with you choosing the path of peace, love and calm 🙏💛


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