Mars Retrograde Intuited 💙

Dearest Spencer, 

I went down a bit of a rabbit hole today within the current astrology. Connected a lot of dots and gained insight in to how to prepare for Mars turning Retrograde tomorrow. 

The past three days have been extremely intense for me. I read somewhere that as Mars Retrograde is a big energy shift, the days leading up to it can be quite jolting. And ‘My!’ did that ring true for me.  

Yesterday I felt at any moment I would explode from the inside out. Yet the explosion did not arrive. Through this process I learned a lot of grace. Compassion. Surrender. For this is what I feel is most needed right now. Especially with all that is being stirred up. 

Where can we find our sense of calm, groundedness and sobriety?  It is within us. Deep within us. It is in this place where I feel the intensity is asking us to find refuge in. The connection to Source. 

And how do we connect to Source? We learn to tap into that innate power within us, hear our personal messages, seek to understand where we are being guided. All in the quest to help the collective. Serving ourselves to learn how to best serve others. 

Mars is retrograde from September 9th- November 13th. 

Mars is the planet of fiery action and motivation. The warrior within us. 

On a deeper level Mars helps us to overcome our fears and take a leap of faith into the unknown. 

When Mars is Retrograde it slows down significantly. A time to truly study all that is arising globally and personally. To see where we really want to go, if our actions are aligned with our true desires/purpose.  

Within Mars Retrograde there are two major squares to two planets that influence our process (Mars Square Pluto and Mars Square Saturn) as well as Mercury Retrograde (October 13th- November 3rd). 

Squares bring tension in order to transform.  

  • Mars square Pluto (the planet of the unconscious, underworld, things not talked about) can bring about heightened emotions, tension, power struggles and the desire to make impulsive, quick changes. Bringing up what hasn’t been said, emotions and feelings we had not realized were there. 
  • Mars square Saturn (the planet of boundaries and restrictions. The Lord of Karma, wanting us to learn our lessons and move from a place of grounded integrity.) Mars gives us the energy to go the distance and Saturn gives us the direction. In this time we will truly study our steps, understanding the desires to change vs the old tried and true rules/regulations. 

Both are necessary. Tension is healthy. Disagreements are healthy. It is how growth and evolution occur. Yet, it depends on how we on both a collective and individual level navigate the energies present. 

Remember we’ve been preparing for this exact moment and are ready for this challenge. We were born for this. 

Basically Mars Retrograde is touching upon all of the major astrological alignments we passed through in 2020 to truly learn the lessons and prepare for this new era we are stepping into. 

I feel we are going to see some pretty intense manifestations within our global world.  For people are angry, restless and rebellious. There are SO many opinions, various view points. Some folks are conscious, others are not. 

I am feeling to stay quiet. Calmly take steps. Commit to my daily yoga practice. Enter a small diet. Eat simply, no processed sugar, little to no meat. Focus on what is in front of me in the here and now. To study which emotions and situations arise. To keep love and commitment to channeling the light of upmost importance. To truly give this time as an opportunity to connect with the Divine, the eternal Source within. 

I read that Mars Rx is not a time to instigate disagreements or conflicts. The initiator is at the disadvantage, as aggression backfires and boomerangs.  It is to intelligently talk about what is important.  To focus on the inner warrior. To grow and to develop those muscles.  Mars Rx is our preparation to take the proper action steps and meet the opportunities which arrive after it stations direct. 

Spencer what is your inner warrior mission during this time? 

I feel this is a beautiful opportunity to channel our magic. Connect with our true power. For we have been prepared for this moment by the very stars themselves. 

Spence, this post ended up much simpler than I had imagined.  There are so many details and connections I discovered amongst the different astrological alignemnts. Yet, I’m also learning that all we’re passing, all we’re experiencing is to truly trust in our inner navigation.  To hear, listen and adhere to the small yet powerful voice within. The seat of intuition. 

May you take each day for what it is. Make the most of it. Maintain focus, determination and innate joy. Gratitude for the gifts and all the beauty.  Clarity on where to shift and on how to evolve in the Highest Good. 🙏

I’m so happy to see you in November. 



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