‘Sigh’.. In the Best of Ways

Dearest Spencer, 

Hi my friend.. it’s been awhile since I’ve written here. The past few months are hard to explain for me. I feel I do not know who I am right now.  Of all the rebirths and times I have said the same, this one is definitely different. An extended, constant transformation. Surrender, acceptance, gratitude and a profound self-love is what I am learning is imperative. Also listening. Opening the inner ears to hear the whispers of Divine guidance. 

We are in the midst of some rather strong astrology. Supposedly July was one of the strongest months of the year. August brought with it a little break in the action.  And come September through the first half of November we are in for some strong times on the planet. 

I can’t remember exactly when but not too long ago we experienced a New Moon in the sign of Leo. This was a fun, light-hearted one. Inspiring us to celebrate our gifts and share them with others.  On the 22nd we entered Virgo Season.  As this is my Sun Sign, I’m thankful to be here. A time where I naturally shine and get to celebrate my birthday. 

At this current moment life isn’t anything I had planned it to be.  Yet, is it ever?  

I must share that throughout most of COVID I have found gratitude for the growth, understood God has placed us all where we are meant to be and I’ve generally been in a good place within myself. 

I am not sure what is going on with me this week.  Perhaps it’s that birthday portal I’ve heard others speak about. I’ve been feeling the desire to travel, to flap my wings, to know what is coming.  

In 3 weeks, it will be my 33rd birthday. A moment I have been waiting over a decade for. As 33 is my favorite number.  3 has been my favorite number basically my entire life. 33 came about my Junior year of college. As I was beginning to awaken, I began to notice 33 everywhere. And soon dubbed it my fav thereafter. 

I truly have no idea what my birthday will be like this year. And I do not wish for expectations. To be thankful for that which arrives. To feel love and gratitude in my heart. To be in the present moment. To feel connected to our Creator on a deep level. 

My birthday wish Spence is to grow my trust and my faith ever more deeply. And from this place, may I remember to listen to the wisdom of my heart. To allow Her to speak rather than my mind. To let go of doubts about my truth, fears in standing in it.  Rather replace these fleeting emotions with true courage.  A willingness to completely show up as an aparelho to the Great Force which orchestrates the entire universe. And to play, smile, laugh, dance, create, celebrate, praise.  To say goodbye in striving for perfection. To become ever more present and content in the NOW. To share my pure love with those around me.  And to place healthy boundaries wherever is necessary. 

So Spence, as we move into what astrologers say is the toughest astrology of the decade.. May we be witnesses to the world around us.  Hold space for the great transformation our world is experiencing.  And hold space for our inner world, our inner transformation. Yet, let’s be witnesses, observers, beacons of light and of love.  May our presence remind others of the good.  May we stay clear, grounded, and embody innate joy. 

I love you and I miss you! 


4 thoughts on “‘Sigh’.. In the Best of Ways

  1. We are in this together, no matter how far apart in space. Our hearts have found safety in resonance. I honor your courage in the face of uncertainty and your sense of adventure and expectancy. Such a fertile time for you.

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