Comet NEOWISE — Inspires Awe and Marks the Beginning of The End of a Cycle

Dear Angelique,

I realized the other day that the final Mercury Retrograde of 2020 comes in October of 2020, and that Mercury actually stations Direct on exactly November 3, 2020, the day of the Presidential Election in the United States. We are just pulling out of this crazy Mercury Retrograde period that started in early June, and I see that the last post I wrote here was before it even started. Talk about a block in communications!

The Retrograde we are just pulling out of gave us a great chance to review what we learned since March, with a brand new spike in Covid cases and millions of protestors marching in the name of BLM. Remember that ridiculous picture of our President holding up a bible outside a Church near a park where he tear gassed peaceful demonstrators? It’s such a bizarre world that we live in.

The next Mercury Retrograde promises to be even wackier, as the Messenger planet retraces it’s steps in the week leading up to the election and then turns back to it’s forward motion (turns “Direct”) on exactly the date of the US election. We will have a couple weeks of sorting out the craziness as Mercury moves through the Post Shadow, before the whole things is finally settled near the end of November. We can expect a wild ride of an election with lots of Drama, then ambiguous results, and a big fight until things get worked out.

This is all leading up to the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which will occur on December 21 at zero degrees of Aquarius, marking the beginning of a new cycle. Hopefully it will be one of peace, respect for our brothers and sisters here on the planet, and maybe a little more consciousness towards how we treat our beloved mother Gaia. So it feels like we are here at the precipice of some big changes and events over the next six months. To start the whole thing off, we have been treated to a dazzling show in the night sky. Yes a Comet. We have not seen such a show since Hale Bopp back in the late mid 1990s. I remember seeing that one in the snowy land scape of Sun Valley.

Comet NEOWISE was hard to see out here in Aspen, Colorado, because we have had a lot of afternoon and evening clouds. Finally, last night, the sky was crystal clear to the horizon. To find Comet NEOWISE in the evening sky (Sorry Angelique, it’s only visible in the Northern Hemisphere), look to the northwest one hour after sunset and find the Big Dipper. Follow the curve of the handle toward the horizon and down, and the Comet will be there. Sometimes it looks more clear if you glance away and see it with your peripheral vision. If you can, find a very dark spot, and sit there for fifteen or twenty minutes in the dark, and your view will really improve as your eyes adjust.

It is such a beautiful sight, and as I gazed up at it last night, I felt a very peaceful feeling that we are going through what we need to go through, and that all of this is for the Good. After all, the problems and challenges we are facing are of our own making. They are the result of a Global System that promotes Growth as the only Value and where survival of the fittest is used a a justification for destruction of our own environment and for such cruel treatment of our fellow humans. I saw something where our President was bragging about the weapons that we will develop for space. Can you imagine anything more stupid than for a society to build horrific weapons, and then launch them into space, and then point them back at our own planet? All while we poison the reefs, and burn the rain forest while putting children who are fleeing starvation in detention centers separate from their parents? It’s just so bonkers.

And so looking up at this comet gave me some real hope that maybe we can start making some real changes. Maybe the people who have been in charge and who created this mess we are in will get fired, and maybe just maybe we will move into a new level of consciousness.

I can’t wait until travel opens up and we can return to Brazil. I cancelled my last trip on March 17th, in the middle of the first Mercury Retrograde of 2020, and here at the end of the second, the border is still closed. Hopefully I will be able to spend the season leading up to the election down there in Bahia. I’m pretty sure Miami will not be the place to be during that time!

Angelique, I sure do miss you and I can wait to come down and ride some of these awesome trails you are finding.


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