All Trust in the Great Force

Dear Spencer, 

It has been awhile since I’ve written here. Time has been funny as of late. Diving in internally in some areas, coming out in others.  I’ve been thinking of writing for awhile now. 

As Jupiter turned retrograde today, joining Pluto, Saturn and Venus.. we now have 4 planets Rx.  Thank goodness none of them are quite like the jerky, intense Mercury Rx energy.  I rather like the feeling now. Learning to pay attention.  

It’s interesting, yet today, I almost feel the planets within my body. And can feel the retrograde feelings.  I am extremely tired, and a little cloudy.  Yet, also calm, observant and know that these feelings are for the better. They are telling me to listen.  And I am sensing that as these particular planets are going In their opposite direction, it is a chance to restudy many areas within myself.  Giving the chance to unravel blocks, old stories, the ways of being that are no longer relevant. And then as the planets direct themselves, I come back to myself, in this new way. In alignment with the New Cycle, Time that we are living.  

So this current moment feels like an opportunity to reset.  To calm down.  A choice could be anxiety, impatience, frustration. But what’s the point? 

I do not wish to feel these feelings. They do not feel good. What I do want and am surrendering to is the complete trust in the higher power which guides, orchestrates, coordinates us all; that of the entire planet and beyond.  

As I trust completely in this Great Force, give all my discomforts, unknowings, questions to it, I can let go. I can let go, feel free and be me. Discover even in more depth who this woman is.  As I unravel the blocks, the guards, the stories I have been told, I can get to know myself in a whole new light. 

So fresh and so clean!! 

So with that being said Spence, I am happy to share that I have already dipped my toes back into studying astrology. Graças a Deus! I’m thankful, the time off was needed. And the now is better than before. 

There’s a world of stories, mysteries, adventures, love, and life unfolding.. starting in this exact present moment. 

I am sending you a lot of smiles, friendship, trust, happiness, and all that your heart is in most need of. Until we meet again, exchange blog posts, talk or text… wishing you only the best!!! 



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