The Rebirth of Christ

Dear Spence,

Writing to you on this sacred Holy Saturday. Awaiting the rebirth of Christ tomorrow. I wonder what this day was actually like for him? What processes, initiations, deep profound experiences he was having.

Blue Bahian Skys

This particular Holy Week has been the strongest one of my life. Three nights in a row I hardly slept. Two of them I had strangely intense dreams. With this erratic sleep cycle I had tension head aches. And even slightly feel one now.

I’ve had pangs of intense sadness. Also moments of beautiful connection to God that brought tears of love to my eyes. Today began with a feeling of heaviness that transitioned to the realization of something huge moving through. I feel tomorrow, Easter Sunday, is bringing with it a great re-birth.

With the full moon this week I began renouncing all that I would like to let go. In order to reclaim beautifully dormant gifts within myself.

Embodying a time of maturation. Deep breaths, witnessing myself changing lifelong patterns with myself. Rewiring this ingrained patterning has not been easy, yet is rewarding. I look forward to tomorrow and I pray to Jesus that we all feel uplifted. Inspired. Renewed.

Last night I slept so well that this morning I awoke feeling groggy! I take that as a wonderful sign.

This week, I have begun to feel the nudge towards studying astrology again!

I feel a sinking into to the rhythm of what the Corona Virus has brought to us as a collective.

My Mom shared with me that in Louisiana the virus has reached it’s peak. Social distancing will continue on, yet things are slowly calming. And there is an understanding on how to work with it. My heart feels good to hear this.

I am praying for all of the lives that have been deeply affected. And I pray for the economy, for jobs, for the sanity of our entire world.

Spence, this week I have begun questioning our next steps, as a global community.

Once the virus calms, how can we not necessarily go back to our “normal” ? What steps can we do to better take care of our Mother Earth? The environment? The animal and plant life? The hearts of humanity? How can we walk this life more slowly, in the calm and help to make the world a better place for all involved?

I hope you are in a good place. I look forward to laughing together. Going for a horseback adventure. Painting your toe nail. (The color green is coming to me? Perhaps you could bring a deep forest green?) And I also look forward to philosophical conversations.

I’ll be honest that I’m falling apart in some way. Necessarily. And feel some good writing will be coming due to this.



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