Don’t Worry, Be Happy 🎶☺️

Dear Spencer,


Thank you for your last post, I’ll admit that it gave me some food for thought and is the inspiration for what I will be writing to you in the following words to come.

I knew that you had repainted your toe from the message you sent to me via WhatsApp yet I appreciated reading that Tata was the one who painted it. I imagine it was a sort of a bonding moment for the two of you. Though we do not necessarily choose all of the situations which appear in our lives, there is such a beauty in the surrender. In the opening to what is and the ability to witness the magical moments which are available to us if we are able to view them in such a way!

There are so many politics, so much corruption, hasty decisions made, many laws/mandates passed by those in charge which I do not agree with. I understand your point of view on how the decisions made by the government in regards to the COVID is affecting the lives of so many in a not so positive way. I appreciate the intelligence behind your articulation of it all. My heart goes out to everyone in the world, especially those who are dealing with the very real stresses of basic necessities not being met such as food, a shelter over their head, health, loss of job, fear, anxiety, etc.

As the virus began to break out I felt strongly that I am being asked to hold a positive space, remain grounded and dive deeply into my inner work. So that I may in some way help hold space for the great transformation our entire world is currently experiencing.

From my spiritual perspective, I do see the positive in everything coming to a halt. For one, emissions have gone down significantly in some areas, families are spending more time together, some sea animals are beginning to re-appear. Water is cleaner, the Skys are bluer. People are having a moment to hear the birds singing even in the city, when just weeks before this wasn’t the case.

I believe we are experiencing a pivotal moment in our world, history in the making.

Spence just as you mentioned we must surrender to this process. I also feel that trust is an emotion important to follow within our Surrender. Trust in the something greater moving, guiding and directing us all.

I have been on a few zoom calls with different people and groups of friends who are living within the cities. And the overall message I am hearing from them is their gratitude for this moment to take stop and take a breath. To process, slow down and truly look at their lives. For many it’s something their souls have been crying out for for years, yet they were never able to truly stop and listen.

And just as thankful as they are, they are processing through much fear and grief.. emotions not necessarily easy. Yet they come in waves. And I too am experiencing this.

One of the Zoom calls I attended was with a group of women whom journeyed with me to Yawanawá Village of Mutum last August. Two of the women received guidance to write a ‘coffee table’ book of the experience our group held. I hadn’t had the opportunity to join in on one of their video calls yet, they had shared with me that they were experiencing a collective writers block and then an idea came to me. As the lungs of our planet, the Amazon Rainforest have been burning for quite some time, (not to forget the recent fires in Australia too) the COVID virus is also affecting the lungs of humanity. In Chinese Medicine, grief is held within the lungs. For millenia our society at large has held grief inside, not knowing how to fully process and heal this. Now, in this present moment, we have but no choice to face this and move through it.

I shared with the women that I felt their writers block was on point with the current happenstances of the world. And to pay attention to this. The virus is having all of us slow down, stop our normal ways of being and open to receive where the divine is truly guiding us.

Everyone resonated deeply with this.

And then.. how do we tie this within the story of our direct experience with the Yawanawá?

Many years ago missionaries came and wrecked havoc on the way the ancestors of the Yawanawá had lived since time immemorial. The indigenous suffered much due to this, grief a huge theme. Yet, they slowly found their voice and demanded their freedom. Their way of life has dramatically changed through this. Yet they are resilient and have grown even stronger as a tribe. Their story (and other indigenous communities alike) continues to touch and inspire the lives of many people all across the globe.

So, if we as a society can take this time to sink in, remember that the answer is never to give up, rather listen to the needs of our world and give it our all, we can truly begin to make some positive, lasting, transformative changes to our dear Mother Earth. The process truly starting within each one.

Spence in this time I have begun to meditate in a completely new way. Spending time with each of my chakras, aligning their energy centers. Giving myself space to work on not thinking and being in the present moment with my very Self. Letting go of all past experiences and future possibilities. Slowing down. A one month social media break, spending significantly less time on my phone, yet also connecting with family members I do not always remain connected with.

The past few weeks have calmed my heart in a way that I could cry with gratitude. I feel at peace realizing the importance and necessity of my personal maturation at this time. Of facing whatever fears are there. Of not holding onto grudges, to let go and to LOVE. To be thankful for everything. Understanding that each moment, each moment, is an opportunity for growth.

I took all of your suggestions to heart and am happy to say that I have naturally begun to do most of what you suggested. You inspired me to take some time to look at the planets and added some fire to my hiney to begin practicing guitar!

I love you so much Spencer. I am grateful for you. Thank you for the person you are and for your true Heart of Gold.

Sending the sweetest wind to your sails. Am so looking forward to your arrival in Bahia. And as I write this, I say it with full trust that when you do arrive it will be in the perfect moment. I also know that all we will experience between now and then is going to be beautiful, prophetic, guided, showered with light and love.



P.S. The horses say Hi! They have been true angels for me in this time. Not enough words to express my gratitude. Jane, Sini, Don, Carpa and myself send our saudades to you and Steph, as well as our infinite love and gratitude. Xox

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