Walking Day by Day into a New World

Dear Angelique,

I’ve enjoyed reading your recent posts about how you are slowing down your life and reconnecting to God and the divine within us.  It’s so easy in our daily lives to get caught up in the urgency that seems to assault us in our complex fast paced life.  Now suddenly everything has slowed down so much, and we are all being left with a lot of time for ourselves.

I feel very grateful that this entire situation has not had too much effect on us right now.  We are healthy, and our families are healthy.  There has definitely been a big economic impact from recent events, but thanks to God we are not in the situation where we cannot meet our basic needs.  I feel it’s such a luxury to be able to take time out of my day to write a post about returning to spirituality and what a great chance this is to start a new self improvement program or whatever.

But my heart and my thoughts go out to people who are not so fortunate.  Do you remember that Stephanie used to be deeply involved in the theater community?  Well it turns out that many of the actors she worked with over the years in theater are really struggling right now.  I know when we think of actors we think of people with tons of money and millions of followers.  But most of the theater actors that we know live from job to job, and act in theater because they love it.  They then find whatever means they can to pay the rent and keep on acting.

So most of these folks have flat out lost all of their income.  The shows they were signed up for have been cancelled, and in theater there’s certainly no budget for paying actors when the theater is closed.  They still have rent coming due on the first of the month, and the little money they have in their checking accounts they need to buy groceries and necessities.  What will they do on April 1st?  They don’t know.

Stephanie and Tata had planned to go to New York this week for spring break, and they were going to see some shows.  They had purchased tickets that were refunded, and so we are giving the value of the tickets that was returned to us to some of the actors Stephanie worked with in the past.  It’s ten tickets at $200 each that were refunded, and so we gave this out to people in the industry.

The results and the emails we received in reply were really touching.  These small gifts enabled people to buy essential items and put food on the fridge for them.  So I write this with full understanding that people we love, and people we do not even know, are living right not in fear of not knowing how they are going to get by for the next couple of months.

I do though, have a lot of hope.  I know you are taking a break from studying astrology for a while, and I want you to know I fully support this.  But for me, the planets and the stars give me a real feeling of security.  You know I have really been interested in the amazing series of planetary conjunctions that have been occurring since last October.  The last was the Conjunction of Mars with Jupiter on the 20th of March.  Soon we will have the conjunction of Mars with Pluto, and then on the 31st, Mars will join Saturn.

We cannot see Pluto of course, so far out in the frozen distances of our solar system.  But Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are really putting on such a beautiful show.  I got up at 5:30 in the morning on the 20th to see the Conjunction of Mars with Jupiter.  I had such a beautiful clear view, and they were so close to each other in the predawn sky.  Sunday I got up early to see the show again, because it was such a cool crisp night.  The air was really clear.  There were Mars and Jupiter and Saturn.  Mars had moved about a quarter of the way from Jupiter to Saturn.

Angelique, this gave me such a feeling of faith and comfort.  I saw that with all the drama and all the scary news, and the face masks, and lines and the super market and the constant admonishments to fear getting close to people, it seemed like everything was Chaos.  But Mars continues its trek through our solar system without any change.  It keeps on moving exactly the same way as it has moved through the sky for billions of years.  The synodic patterns of our celestial clock.

My mother in law has been stuck at home in self quarantine because it’s important that she not catch this virus with her current health.  Stephanie and I went over and set up in her back yard to sing some healing hymns for her from our doctrine.  I had my guitar and sat on the patio table with my foot on a chair, and Stephanie set up with her music stand and her Maracá.  Her mother opened the door to the house, so we sat just outside to play for her.

We started to sing a beautiful hymn that talks about the force of the forest.  The words are very strong.  Here they are:

I am the River, I am the Sea
I am the Sky , I am the Tree
I am the force of the forest
Helping you to help me
I am the force of the forest
Helping you to heal me

Calm for your Mind
And peace for your soul
Strength for your Body
From a Source that's very Old

O Povo Yawanawa
Os Guardiões floresta
Agradeço por nossa ligação
Agradeço por nossa união

As we sang the hymn in the backyard, with Stephanie’s mom listening through the open door, as if on cue, a flock of very large Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots approached us and circled around, squawking as they flew. I counted nine of them, which is more than I have ever seen. Sometimes when we sing with the doors open, I hear birds singing along with us, and I often wonder if they are inspired by the music. In this case, there seemed to be little doubt. They continued to orbit our little serenade.

You know Angelique, it occurs to me, that this virus is coming to us to help us heal ourselves and our planets. We are not capable of changing our ways without pain. Why would we change our behavior as long as our lives more or less work out from day to day. Sure there are fires in Brazil and in the Amazon, and that’s really bad and scary, but it does not stop us from ordering a cheese burger. We don’t see that the Cheeseburger is in international commerce, and the dollars go right from our plate to raising livestock in the Amazon, and so to feed our endless appetite for cheap beef, we continue to let the Amazon burn.

And the same with other economic activity. We just keep advancing economic growth. Growth is always good. Actually its the only measure of success we have in our economy. Growth. And so now, we are being helped. Our economic activity has come to a standstill. Only those activities which are necessary are going forward. And this highlights how much of our activities, and how many of our purchases are completely unnecessary.

So here comes this virus, it is the force of the forest, or the force of nature, coming here to help us HEAL our planet and ourselves. It’s forcing us to stop what we are doing. Maybe we will change our behaviors. Maybe we will see that we are all brothers and sisters, that we are cells in a single organism. That none of us are ok unless we take care of each other.

It’s so important to have compassion for those individuals who are really suffering. There are people dying of Asphyxiation without access to medical care. There are people who cannot afford groceries and basic necessities. But maybe just maybe our government and the billionaire class that rules this country of the USA will see that they cannot be wealthy in a society of people who are suffering. I pray that the voice and guidance of the divine inspires the people in power to actually do some good. I pray that we can use this wake up call to change our behaviors and start acting as though we really want to have a world to live in.

I realize getting sick is bad. I don’t want to get sick. I don’t want anyone I love to get sick. But has anything else worked at all? We have been listening to dire reports of the consequences of our activity, but nothing has ever changed at all. Until now. This is the first thing that has really caused a change.

And it’s definitely in the stars. This situation is peaking as Mars makes its transits of Jupiter Pluto and Saturn, and it should be about all over by December 21, when we have the Grand Conjunction of Saturn with Jupiter.

I wish there was a way I could get the city of Miami to turn the lights off at night too. It would be so amazing to see the stars come out again.

I know you are not studying Astrology, but I would like to encourage you to take a glance at the predawn sky over the next few days to see the beautiful jewels of the firmament in this absolutely gorgeous display. The firmament is the Universal Treasure for all of us to behold. But the lights of our own economic activity–wasted energy at night–rob us all from being able to see it. But not there in Bahia.

We are on the cusp of the New Age. We know this from the simple fact that unsustainable systems eventually fail to sustain themselves. We have been acting in unsustainable ways for the last seventy five years or so. Now the Iron Giant is starting to teeter on his feet of clay. If we wake up and pay attention, we can save ourselves and our society. I fear how much suffering we will have to endure if we refuse to listen. No matter though, because we are now at the point where change is mandatory. If we don’t do it ourselves, it will be plagues and fires and floods and wars. This really is biblical in scale isn’t it?

I know we are definitely going to be making permanent changes in our lives so that the next time this kind of thing happens we are better prepared. I pray also for your continued health and safety in Bahia, and for that of our family there. And let’s all pray together for comfort for those of us who are suffering right now.


Peace Love Forgiveness

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