Sunday Thoughts ๐Ÿ’ž

Spence, Awaiting our phone call, I opened my laptop and the following came through my fingertips. Zero edits, just free flowing inspo. Hope you enjoy!


Simplifying my life to tune into my internal guidance. Surrendering and letting go of the systems I have found comfort in, which have helped me to make decisions. All of this has been necessary and was very helpful for me at the time.

Now as our world is collectively slowing way down, I feel a permission has been given for me to do the exact same. I feel a sigh of relief. Something that my inner system has desired and been whispering to me for so long. Yet anxiety ruled the show, desires, fast paced ways of being.

Now meditation and daily remembrance to ground the energy down. To slow so that I can hear the subtle rhythms. Breathing in this new way of being and breathing out the cobwebs, past traumaโ€™s, outdated patterns and cycles. Having the courage to create life from the unknown, rather than my own desired future reality. Let Go and Let God! Trusting and continually remembering to give my life to the Divine. Not my wants nor my desires or my wishes.. that which I think is best for me.

If 90% of our thoughts are not our own, then who is ruling the show?

I thought of this in meditation this morning.

Then to keep it simple, the easiest path is to surrender to my faith. Surrender to our Creator. For at my core I know this to be the most true thing in existence. That there is something greater guiding us all. And if we can let go of our thoughts and our personal desires, open a space inside of ourselves, prepare a beautiful garden inside, a place where the Divine feels at home, a place to rest in.. then this will then manifest in our present reality. Not anything with a great effort. Life will naturally flow through, and we will be guided to exactly where we are meant to be at each moment.

As tests arise, maybe situations not ideal, that bring irritation, sadness, confusion, doubt, worry, longingโ€ฆ we observe them and yet allow them to float on through like a river. In moments, tests, trials, tribulations such as this is when we come back to our center. Our divinity within and connect with our home, our beautiful garden inside. And give all the feelings up to that energy which conducts the entire universe. Trust everything is okay, feel complete love for yourself and gratitude for everything. For from this place, the new world, paradigm we are living, is allowed to transform, be co-created, fortify itself.

Boa Vista

Feel the gentle breeze in the wind, the lovely sound of the birds praising all that is good, the bellows of thunder rolling in, know you are loved more than all the grains of sand in the entire world. Smile at the sun, hug the moon, be like water, allow the fire inside of you to transform every being that you are connected to, sense the wind awakening anything that is stagnant. Praise God, praise life, the animals, the innocent, the children, the healing plants and their wisdom, the sanctuary of your precious heart and the true gift of your life!

Love, Txivรฃ

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