Surrendering to the Changes

Hi Spence,

I enjoyed reading your last post, thank you for writing!

While I was in Rio, I truly missed our home in Bahia. And upon my return to Boa Vista, it feels like home more than ever before.

As the world is going through such a big transformation, I have been feeling the anxiety at times. Yet amongst it all I am finding immense gratitude for where I am in my life. For the place I live and the opportunity to not be in the midst of it per se.

As many people around the globe are going into self-isolation, it has given me permission to slow down inside. I find myself becoming more conscious of my patterns and when I need to calm my inner circuits. And through this I am discovering new levels of innate happiness, almost giddy like a young girl yet with the wisdom of a woman.

There have been a few occurrences as of late which have had me look deep within myself. Seeing where it is time to grow and to release old ways of being. Equally showing me the amazing woman I am and how to embody her fully. For it is time.

One such way is to slow down internally and trust my internal GPS. For this is where the guidance lies, connected to the Source. And it’s all very simple. Life is too easily complicated. Meditate, exercise, be happy and give thanks.

With this being said I am taking a hiatus from studying astrology, from reading what other astrologers are perceiving from the stars. I understand this is very valid and this particular study has led me to where I am now.

Yet, I am feeling called to simplify my personal studies and ultimately my life. Through my work and training with the horses, more consciously tap into their innate way of existing in love. And open to the messages I receive from learning to exist more fully in love myself. To ensure I continue eating healthy and to meditate more regularly, move my body in some way.

My baby girl 💞

This evening I watched a video by Joe Dispenza about creating our own reality. How we can live the life we dream by already feeling those feelings. Such as abundance, love, health etc. He talked about the tools to use in order to reach this state. Through watching the video, I realized I already have the tools. I’ve worked on this for years. Yet, I allow myself to trip up on past wounds, trigger points, something a reader told me occurred in a previous life. I realize I can get overly excited or my mind races. I have had the habit of getting stuck in fear, worry, wondering if I am truly loved, self-doubt.

He reminded us that if we live in the present moment, then everything can begin from there. (This I already know but forget.) He also mentioned how people say Mercury is in Retrograde and then everything goes haywire. (And yes I know we are definitely affected by this at times.) Yet to remember and know we all have the potential to live our true dreams.

So tonight I have decided to do an experiment with my life. And in this present moment, I have decided to not study astrology for an undetermined amount of time. I am going to spend significantly less time on social media. Perhaps even log off for a bit. I am going to meditate and connect to the magical angelic realms! I am going to allow myself to receive divine messages.

I will dive into writing and am thankful we have our blog to share our experiences upon. Thank goodness it also includes horses, friendship, Brasil, etc. And if you write anything astrology related I will be most happy to read!

Maybe I am being weird. I don’t know. Yet this is what I need to do for myself at this point in time.

I think it also has to do with this surrender that we have no control. It is strange that originally you would have arrived two days ago. Yet, that was not in God’s plans. So I think I’m doing all of this to connect deeper with God, better listen to what He is whispering to me and to move through this space.



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