Mars is ignoring social distancing

Dear Angelique,

Have you been watching the beautiful show in the firmament in the predawn eastern sky?  I woke up this morning and snapped this photo of the Moon with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  I’m sorry the picture is not the best, but at least it does show how Mars is approaching its conjunction with Jupiter for March 20th and then another conjunction with Saturn on, I think, March 31.

Angelique, I’m so so sad because I was planning to see these beautiful conjunctions there in Bahia.  My plan was to ask you to repaint my tired toe nail on the morning of March 20th there in Bahia.  But haven’t we all had to change our plans? Haven’t we all had to let go of so much of our routine and of the things we enjoy?

It was only Thursday last week that we were chatting on What’s App about what kind of toe nail polish I need to buy to color that one Banian big toe.  I remember at that time thinking that I needed to find time to go to CVS.  Then on Saturday I cancelled my trip, and then on Sunday, American Airlines cancelled the majority of it’s flights to Brazil.  It amazes me how fast this situation has developed!

And remember frivolous things? Here I am talking about painting my toe and complaining about missing my trip to Bahia, and people all around the world are really suffering.  There are people who cannot get the medical attention that they need.  There are families who are sick and afraid they have infected their parents.  There are elderly people isolated in their houses with no one coming to visit them.

And then when I look up to the sky, none of these events has the smallest effect upon Mars as it makes it’s orbit and catches Jupiter and Saturn.  The planned conjunction of Mars and Jupiter does not appear to have been changed in the least from all of this.  In fact, it appears that Mars is completely ignoring the call for social distancing as it passes just below Jupiter.

Remember back in January when we were talking about the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto that happens only once in about 36 years?  It’s such a major disruptive force, and this CV was already lurking there in China simmering below our collective consciousness.  I read an article that they traced the first case back to November of 2019, which was exactly when Venus kicked off this grand sequence of conjunctions as it joined Jupiter and Saturn.

Pluto and Saturn are slow moving but very powerful actors, and this supernatural force that has been unleashed moves like a tide as well.  We are accustomed here in Miami to fast moving hurricanes.  We see them on our weather maps as they march across the Caribbean Sea in August and September, and a few days before they arrive, we all rush to the store for emergency supplies, and a week later, the danger is past.  This is so different in so many ways, yet so similar in so many others.

I was reading back to January 15th when I said some prayers.  The other day I was talking with Stephanie about some of the lessons this is bringing us, and the strongest and most hopeful one I could see was that we are all one, and borders are an illusion.  Then when I read back to January 15th, it was exactly this realization that I had been praying for.

Maybe this will be enough for us to see that we are all in this together on this earth, and we had better start cooperating.

There was an article the other day about continued war in the Middle East.  How could anybody shoot rockets trying to kill each other when some many are dying from this disease?  Maybe this will be enough to inspire some cooperation.  Maybe it will be enough for us to see that we can live with a few less new Televisions and maybe we can save a few trees.

Now is the time to surrender and accept that things are going to be different for a while.  I pray for continued health for myself and those I love, but also for everyone else too.  Compassion is seeing that we are all one, and the suffering of others is our suffering.  At some level I am grateful that I am not experiencing death by asphyxiation, but many people are experiencing exactly this right now.

I still believe that the expansion of the consciousness will be able to save the earth.  With so much disruption, and so much real suffering coming to us now, I pray for comfort for those who are suffering and I promise not to complain about the impacts I am feeling, because so many have it so much worse.  I pray for peace and calm and healing, and for the idea to be planted that we are all in this together.

Stay safe Angelique my dear friend.  I miss you and I miss the horses and I miss Bahia.  When we do repaint this toe nail, it will mean so much more.

And let’s all go outside in the predawn hours and watch the beautiful show unfolding in the firmament…the universal treasure.



2 thoughts on “Mars is ignoring social distancing

  1. I’m so grateful I get to share in such high vibrational fun with you both. ❤️💜💫💜❤️

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. I love you so much Spence. Thank you for all of your insight. I figured you would be writing something inspiring soon.
    We’re all learning a lot right now. And you are so right, when I do get the chance to paint your toe nail next, will mean so much more. (I won’t be offended if you must remove the paint before I see you next ❤ )


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