Surrendering to the Power of Slowing Down

Dear Spencer, 

Thank you for writing and sharing. I miss you so much. Thank you Jesus you are coming to Bahia soon!  I enjoyed reading all that you shared about your experience in Peru and commend you for doing so well on the unplanned dieta which you so graciously embraced! Looking forward to painting your very much outgrown toenail and to bateu our saudades! 

So my dear friend, Mercury Rx transitioned from Pisces back into Aquarius today! This is such a blessing. For Mercury Rx in Pisces is confusing, is deep and rather tiring. Now as we conclude this current retrograde period in Aquarius we will find clarity, a greater ability to express ourselves, and a forward movement in our lives.  Yet.. remember to not rush anything. Take things slowly. One step at a time, honoring these times we are living. 

I concluded my diet and Spencer the days following its closing have been some of the most challenging I’ve experienced in a very long time.  I felt the sensations of being in-between worlds, almost numb.  I know it is tied in with the strong astrology we are experiencing and the depths this Mercury Rx has taken us into. Yet, I also realize that the greater forces aligned me to finish my Dieta at this exact moment.  For me to truly heal, understand and transform at the very core of my being. 

I am beginning to understand a little more as I am now integrating back into life without the same forces of the dieta present.  Yet, what I am currently experiencing is not any less strong, just different. An integrating of sorts from one realm to another.  I am learning how to walk in the world as this new woman.  I feel the magic of it showing me how to integrate deeply in existing in more than one world at the same time. And as these realizations unfold, I continue unraveling all that was unlocked and continue moving forward into this vast unknown. 

Honoring myself and believing unconditionally in who I am. My beauty, and way more than what is on the outside, but that of the inner world. All that I have overcome, grown into, developed. My resiliency and devotion to the good. To winning and living. Following the calls of the heart. Many people do not know how to respect this or even stand in their own strength in the presence of such a strong truth. 

Where do we go? We believe in who we are and we follow the strength we do not even realize we contain. We do not try to change for anyone. No matter the circumstances which arise, no matter the adversities which present themselves before us. We stand in humility, in grace. We face and we Rise. We are strong and within us lies more power than we can comprehend. For it is not us. It is the potential of the universe, it is the ability of God to move mountains through us. It does not come in the overthinking, in the doing, in the trying. It comes in the surrender, in the trust in that which is bigger orchestrating everything. 

I would like to share the words in English of a hymn that I received in Portuguese. The day that I was flying to Rio.  

Jurema (The Queen of the Forest)  This is the House of Mary With Her Strong Teachings  To Help  

The Kingdom  From Lives Already Passed  With the Times Traveling  To Teach Me 

Arriving  In the Heights of the Astral  With the Guides and the People of the Forest  To Re-discover (Re-Encounter) 

The Master (Jesus)  Orchestrating Everything  With a Heart of Gold  And a Superior Love

Praising  A Divine Presence  The Virgin Mother Mary  And the Queen Yemanjá (Queen of the Sea) 

Praying  Dancing and Dancing  With Love and Joy  To Continue On this Mission 

The Holy Cross  The Tiny Stars  Bring a Profound Secret  To Reveal to Us 

Beauty  The Perfume of the Flowers  With the Holy Hummingbird  Brings Transformation 

Breaking Through  All Obstacles  With Big Strikes of Lightening  A New Life has Begun 

Giving Thanks  The Portal is Secure  With the Encounter of the Feather Headdresses  The Star Confirms 

So here it is!  Just wanted to share a bit of my process. So much more to share. More writings to come and more words to be shared in person. 

Much love my friend. Miss you and Stephanie with all of my heart. 


Angelique Marie (Txivã) 

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