In the Calm very Slowly…

Dear Angelique,

I am really enjoying having a calm moment this morning with my cup of coffee to write you.  A lot has happened since I last wrote to you, almost a month ago, on my birthday.  Since then, I went to Peru to visit Machu Picchu.  It’s a place I have always wanted to go.  Stephanie and I had planned to go for our honey moon back in 2013, but had to cancel that trip.  We ended up going on a Yoga trip with the magical teacher Joan that you and she (and now I) love so much.  The way things lined up, we ended up leaving for Peru on the day of our 7th anniversary.

I have to say Angelique, going on a Yoga retreat was a little uncomfortable to me.  I’m wired pretty tightly, and always feel unnatural in Yoga class.  Are women naturally more flexible then men?  There were so many occasions where they would say something like, spread your legs and grab your toes, and then move your head to the floor.  Once your forehead touches the floor, then you can wrap your legs around the back of your neck, and lift your chin to look at the ceiling.  And so then I see all these human pretzels on the ground and I can’t even get my legs more than 90 degrees apart.

But if Stephanie was going to Peru and then to Machu Picchu, I was determined not to miss out.  Yoga retreat or not.  Everyone was really nice to me though, and I made it through the morning routines, which started every day at 6:15 am sharp.  There was so much that was unfamiliar to me.  I didn’t really know most of the people there, the food was vegetarian.   Me, in my Yoga pants, I felt like I was wearing somebody else’s clothes.  We had a tiny little room with a double bed, the sides of which about touched the walls of the room.  There was an unconvincing radiator that seemed to get warm from about 7:00 to 9:00 each evening, but as the temperature dropped into the 50s each night, it was the layers of blankets that kept us warm.  The bathroom was down the hall.

I realized very quickly that I needed a little dieta of my own, and that the first thing that I had to let go of was any tendency to complain.  I made a pact with myself that throughout the trip I would not complain about anything.  God gave me a couple other ascetic practices too.  They didn’t have drinkable coffee at the resort, the diet was vegetarian, and there were not any sugary snacks lying around either.  The moon was out of sync with our second honeymoon, so to speak, so sex was off my diet for the week too.  So I ended up being in Peru without meat, sex, coffee, sugar, cannabis, and most importantly without complaining.

I was counting down the days of the retreat.  Seven full days.  I remember on Tuesday thinking that it was day number two and I only had to make five more days, and one of those would be the trip to Machu Picchu.  I was in survival mode, with my mouth shut.  We went on a hike that day, and in the elevation, it felt very strenuous.  There were a few sections where we had to scramble with our hands helping the climbing.  Finally we got to a clearing that over looked the sacred valley.  People were hamming it up and having fun.  There was a rock that gave the illusion that it was hanging over a great precipice, and so people were posing.   Here’s an example…


We were all having a good time goofing off.  I felt a little split from the group, as happens when we are on a dieta and this was compounded by my feeling that I was not really part of the Yoga group.  I felt like I was the add on who was only there for Machu Picchu. I’m sure this was the product of my own process, because everyone was very warm to me.

I was breathing pretty hard because we were up over 10,000 feet of elevation at that point.  I felt a kind of warmth spread over my body, and I felt a feeling of kindness come over me.  I felt called to sit and meditate for a few minutes before heading down just to soak in an appreciate the beauty of the place we were in.  People were about done cutting up and joking around.  I felt my voice rise up in me, and I asked if people would like to join in a seven minute meditation before heading back down.  I was surprised that my voice came out as strongly as it did.  It was also tempered with kindness and curiosity.  And everyone was into the idea, and within a minute or so, everyone had arranged themselves.  I said a few simple works about connecting to the place we were in and we started our meditation.

I could feel the presence of a guide with me.  It came with the warm feeling and it also came in the universal acceptance of the idea to meditate.  It was not my idea, but it was an idea coming from the Universal Broadcast Channel.  As our beloved Padrinho teaches, people do not do what we ask because they are afraid of us, or because they love us.  They do when they agree with us.  And this message was coming to all of us at the same time.

In my meditation my vision opened Angelique.  I saw a brilliant night sky.  The stars seemed to hang in three dimensional space as if they were dangling from the branches of a celestial tree.  I could see Jupiter glowing brightly and so many stars.   I felt an ancient presence with me, and I realized that I was seeing an ancient sky.  Some words formed in my head–it’s an observatory.  I was being shown an ancient night sky over Machu Picchu, and a teacher was outside making observations of the locations and movements of the stars and planets.  I saw that they were calculated the relative motions of the stars as our solar system revolves around the galactic center.  I saw that while Europe was first wrapping it’s head around the concept of a heliocentric solar system, the Incas were charting the course of our Sun around the Center of the Galaxy.  All of this came in a vision.

And so up we were at 4:00 in the morning on the 20th of February.  The date in the local format was 20-02-2020, which reminded me of 02-02-2020, the palindrome date that occurs about twice every 1,000 years.  We were joined on that cold dark morning by Valerio Sasari from Runa Nan Travel.   I cannot say enough kind words about Valerio.  He was a magical guide for us.  He taught us so much more about the spirituality of Machu Picchu then I expected.  At one point he said “I told one of the masters that I wanted to know all of the secrets of Machu Picchu, and he said to me to know all the secrets of Machu Picchu you have to know the secrets of every rock”

At one point on the tour we were standing next to a stone that was set in the ground which was directly in the line between the Sun Gate and the temple of the Moon, and as I looked around myself, I saw that the mountains encircled us completely, and I felt that I was in the same spot that my previous vision had come from.  I saw how the planets and stars could be charted against the backdrop of the mountains allowing very precise measurements of their locations.

And then Valerio explained that the brightest children were sent to Machu Picchu to learn all they could from the Masters who were assembled there to teach, and then upon reaching maturity, they would leave on a life long pilgrimage through the empire.  They would walk from town to town bringing the knowledge to the far reaches of the Incan Empire.  Some would find love, marry and settle down, and others would keep going.  Finally, after thirty years, they could return to Machu Picchu and then they would be teachers.

Angelique, I feel like there are some really important lessons in this for me, and I feel like I’m going to have real opportunity to integrate them while there in Bahia toward the end of the month.

There is a very important astrological event that we will enjoy together there Angelique.  On the 20th of March we will enjoy the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in the pre-dawn sky.  I’d like to wake up before dawn to see them rising together, and then sit until the sun, and then maybe do Kambo and paint my toe.  Want to join me?

I can’t wait to see you soon!

Love Spencer

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