Not Of This World

Bom Dia Spence, 

As I ate breakfast this morning, looking over the misty terrain in front me (as it has been raining since late last night) a realization came to me.  I’ve heard this in hymns and other people too but I personally understand something at a profound level unique for me.. 

I am truly not from this world. I Angelique, I Txivã come from a place far away. I came to this Earth for a mission and I am fulfilling it. Yet, I must always carry this understanding with me. And from this place not tie myself down with emotions and happenings in this life. Detach. Observe. Learn. Enjoy the feelings of love, connection, gratitude. Learn from pains, doubts, uncertainty. And yet not associate with any of them. For this is temporary. Life is but a blink in the great cosmic unfolding. 

I must connect with my soul and that which I truly am. I realize even writing these words does not give justice to the feeling I have inside. Falls short. And I believe this is why I spent a lot of my life not connected to the happenings of this world. I wanted to be somewhere else and I believe my spirit spent a lot of time back home in my other universe. My work has been to be in this world now. Has been a struggle.  Yet, I have come to not only accept this, but also absolutely love it. 

I finish my dieta in two days. Fly to Rio tomorrow. I’m feeling so much. This experience has been other wordly to say the least. Transformed me beyond my wildest dreams. I am no longer the same woman I was when I began this journey 3 month ago. I am more complete, clear, strong and sensitive!  I’ve fasted from anything sweet including fruits, only drank water with lemon, did not eat any seafood, did not even go out dancing with men, did not cry.. spent most of my time alone.  Deepened my studies in the Yawanawá spirituality, received beautiful messages in the forms of hymns, focused my thoughts.  

When the dieta is complete, I’m not sure if I will jump back into drinking normal water, eating anything sweet. I’m not sure if I am ready. Yet, the one thing I look most forward to is crying. I truly am ready for this and feel it will ease me back into reintegrating my way of being in the world. 

So yesterday we experienced a New Moon in Pisces.  Right now the Sun, Moon, Mercury Rx and Neptune are all in the sign of Pisces. We are definitely swimming through the watery depths of emotions. In it there is so much beauty and also feeling ALL the feelings. Releasing, letting go, arriving at a place clean, clear and oh so deep! Now is not the time to make concrete decisions, yet one of understanding what truly lies within our hearts. What it is we believe in and understanding profoundly where the Divine Spirit is guiding. 

Spence and Stephanie, from the pictures I have seen it appears that y’all are having a magical time in Peru. Looking forward to hear more about it! ❤ 



One thought on “Not Of This World

  1. Dear Angelique, I’m so proud of you for completing this amazing dieta that you have stuck to for the last several months. I was happy this morning to have a quiet moment to come here to our blog and read the beautiful articles you have written. I’m looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!


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