The Earth Rumbles..

Purples Sky’s of Céu do Mar (photo cred: Kenewma Luiza Yawnawá, taken a few weeks ago)

The earth rumbles and the sky blasts open with a light so bright one must shield the eyes. An illuminating crack so alarmingly resounding, it brings with it a grand tremble at its very core. A change in the air is present, a coolness, a heat.. a feeling indescribable. Goosebumps arise, an ancient remembrance and yet an emotion not quite experienced before. 

The winds sing the most beautiful song, birds of all kinds joining in on the chorus. Horses gallup full speed ahead. Stopping only to buck and to rear in jubilation. 

The people find their bodies moving to the rhythm, to the very beat of the Mother herself.  Hearts blasted wide open, no longer hiding behind rules, rigidity nor fear. The Call is announced, the Path unfolded without force nor demand. For therewith lies the choice in each one and with it the inevitable transformation. 

Prayers acknowledged. Questions answered. Time stops, simultaneously moving forward and back. Laughter is emanated. Tears of relief shed. The time has come. Prepared as best as can possibly be ready. Sure footedness on the journey. True alignment with the Great Force all sentient beings kneel before. 

The long awaited time is here, is now. And the entire Universe bows in recognition. 

Dear Spence, 

I am not sure what the above means. Something told me to open the notes section on the beautiful rose gold laptop you and Steph kindly gifted to me before moving here.  I heard to write ‘the earth rumbles’ and allow the rest to flow from there.

Mercury turned retrograde in Pisces just yesterday. Pisces is dreamy. Being the final sign of the zodiac, is both an ending and the beginning of a coming back to.  

I feel it’s message is that we are experiencing the ending of life as we have lived it.  And the coming back to something we’ve been before in a way uncharted, unknown, unexplored. 

There’s magic in the slowing down during this Mercury Retrograde season. A necessity, a true gift. We will experience the greater part of this Rx in Pisces, then on March 4th it will transition into Aquarius until Mercury goes direct March 10th. 

Mercury in Pisces is a type of dreamy state, flowing in and out of consciousness, uncovering buried stones, untapped emotions.  And as it moves into Aquarius clarity begins to return with wisdom under the belt. Prepared to work on our relationships with others. Facing any unsolved issues bringing resolutions.

The current astrological themes represent the power of the times and the greatness which resides in each one.  May we learn to honor the uniqueness that we each hold and to respect this above all else.  So that we can, in turn, have the greatest capacity to honor this in the other. 

Steph and Spence wishing y’all a dreamy, magic, other worldly journey in Peru. Couldn’t imagine a better time for the two of you. So much love!



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