The Beautiful Forces of Life

Dear Spencer,

Hope all is well with you my friend! Looking forward to connecting over the phone soon. Thought to drop in with a little check-in.

I awoke today with the sense of a semi-strong força present with me. Here to teach me something. Also both slowing and calming my energetic nervous system. Showing how powerful hyper-sensitivity is and the great teachings it has to offer, if we respect it and listen to the cues.

I am due to begin my moon any moment which is also opening up the portals to the spiritual realm. I also awoke this morning communicating with the Jiboia. She has become a dear friend of mine, giving me wisdom and insight into how to understand my feelings, how to handle situations and remain firm within myself. I tell her I am going to miss her when my dieta is finished and she tells me that there is nothing to worry. She will always be with me and that my life is going to continuing opening to the guidance of these greater forces.

I sense that the force of my Dieta and my work with the horses is beautifully interwoven.

As my personal transformation continues to unravel, I am naturally cultivating a deeper connection with them. As my perception and understanding of energies expands, so too does our bond. They are my allies, helping me to remain grounded and maintain a true sense of inner peace. My capacity to both communicate and relate with them is deepening. I feel more in-tune with their thought processes and as a result a new level of trust is forming.

Gua and I went out for an adventure yesterday and I was really happy to see that her spunk and personality is developing beautifully. She is a special one. She innately has a really sweet heart and I can see her learning her boundaries, her limits, how to express her desires. She doesn’t necessarily just go along with the flow anymore, yet she is so willing to listen and learn as she understands she is both respected and loved.

I notice Don Juan is a little mean to her and pushes her away often. This used to upset me very much. Yet, in some way, I am realizing this is helping her to grow into the woman she truly is. And I believe this is partly due to why I see her becoming more assertive and peppy in our rides together. For she is 6 years old now, still in her teenage years. When she becomes 10, she will be considered a young adult in horse years. And so she is in a process of maturation, discovering who she truly is.

As I write this, I realize what a beautiful blessing it is to be able to help these animals come into themselves. I am thankful to God for each one he has placed in our lives, for I do not feel it is a coincidence. Each of them carries their own unique wisdom and profound teachings. I am honored to be their Momma.

As I conclude my little check-in, I would like to share that today is the final day of January. WooHoo! I am stoked. It has been a strong one and I am so thankful February is arriving tomorrow. The upcoming Full Moon does not have an eclipse attached and the overall energy of the entire month is going to be more fluid, light and aligning what was shaken up in the January astrology.

Mercury does turn retrograde this month, yet I have read that this one brings with it a bit of magic. I am actually looking forward to it! For when I tune in, I do not feel the normal feeling of dread or apprehension I typically feel when Mercury RX is on the horizon. So ihuuuuu to that!

Many blessings and saudades my friend!



P.S. Yemanja took my beautiful black and rose gold sunglasses from me the day I celebrated Debora’s birthday at the beach. I was swimming into a wave and they just flew off, no where to be found. I was bummed to say the least. Really bummed lol. Yet, what can I do but trust in the power of the ocean and that everything happens for a reason.


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