The Importance of Family

Dear Spence,

Today marks the final month of my dieta. Feels like this is going to be a strong one. The culmination of all I shared in the affirmative prayer when I began the process. A powerful force asking me to step fully into my maturity, leadership and growth. Through my actions showing the spirits that I am committed to my process through whatever tests they bring to me in this time.

Novos Horizontes ~ New Horizons

Todays post is more like a journal entry. Yet I am feeling like I would like you to hear..

Lately I have been re-remembering the importance of staying connected with my family in Louisiana. At times it can slip my mind as I become wrapped up in the things going on in my life. Yet different experiences are calling my heart to connect with my roots, to remember what I came here for and how precious each minute of each day is. To make the most of it and to honor the responsibility I have as being a daughter, cousin, niece, grandchild, adopted daughter, sister, aunt, friend, etc.

My Mom shared with me that my ex-step father has a really serious heart condition. He is soon going to undertake a very serious surgery that there is a chance he won’t make it. Yet, if he doesn’t have the surgery then he won’t be on this planet much longer. So, he truly has no choice but to have the surgery. This has really touched my heart. He and I have not had the best relationship, yet at one time we worked towards it. And through it all I am really feeling for him now. His daughters do not have much of a relationship with him, and his process has touched something deep within my heart.

Monday Kenewma and I are going to do a Yawanawá prayer for him through video chat. She will light Supa with special healing leaves and we are going to say a prayer. Asking for his healing if Creator wishes. Beyond this, the prayer will be for healing within his spirit and an expansion of consciousness, a sense of peace and understanding.

Also through my call to connect with my family more, I spoke on the phone with my Dad for a long time this morning. He has been inspired about my training with the horses in the round pen and not too long ago he set one up for hisself in Louisiana! As I began the corral training with the horses in Bahia, he is going to begin corral training with the horses in Louisiana. This will be the first time each of us does this solo and we will be able to help the other out. Share tips about what works and what doesn’t. Laugh at our mistakes and learn from the other. Tag teaming in a way that will keep us even more connected!

And as I was talking to my Dad this morning my ‘Mawmaw’ shared her love with me and how ‘everyone always talks about you!’ So cute! I asked her if she would ever consider coming visit me in Brasil. She immediately laughed really loud! And then said, ‘Well, it’s on my bucket list!’ Imagine that Spence, my cute little old white haired grandmother, jumping on a plane and flying to another country. This will be the first time she’s ever left the United States!

Mawmaw & Me

One more family story! This morning I came across a memory of my Uncle Eddie and I on Facebook from 4 years ago at my cousins wedding. He, my Dad (his brother) and I all have share the same birthday. He passed away about 3 years ago. My Uncle Eddie gave me my horse in Louisiana and opened up a whole world for me. So he has actually played a major role in why and how I am living in Brazil now.

Whenever I saw the memory tears formed in my eyes. Yet, in the dieta I am on, we do not cry. Showing our strength to the Spirits. So instead I laughed, I jumped, I danced, I felt his presence here giving me strength and love to continue on.

When he was sick I remember us sending texts back & forth. We would almost always end our conversations by telling one another, ‘Love you to the moon, back & beyond!!!!!’ And this I realize is beyond time and space. I am telling him this now and as I type I have to laugh so that I do not cry!

Uncle Eddie & I ~ 4 years ago

Those were my family stories from today!!

I’m truly looking forward to this week. We are finally out of the heavy eclipse + Saturn/Pluto Conjunction influence. The New Moon in Aquarius brought some breezy winds that has shifted us to focusing on other areas of our life that are not as intense, nor foundational shifting as the previous conjunctions.

I am excited to finally begin exercising. I think I’ll dance, jog, do a little yoga. Basically do whatever my heart is inspired to, just as long as I move my body and break a little sweat!

I am also looking forward to organizing projects related to Coração de Ouro that we talked about last week and put a dent into some of the planning.

As some of the astrological intensity has calmed, I have been able to find some deep focus and clarity. I have things to share when we talk next and looking forward to the next level that 2020 is bringing to us all.

Hope you are having an amazing time in California!!

Talk soon!

Txivanique ❤

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