Mars Appears on the Stage at Dawn

Dear Angelique,

I got my first glimpse of Mars this morning as the New Moon approached for the Conjunction that will occur later today.  This is the first time I have seen Mars since it started poking above the horizon before Sunset a few weeks ago.  I read an article on yesterday which showed that Mars, Antares and the Moon would all be together in the pre-dawn sky, and so when I found myself awake at about 5:00 am, I went to the balcony to take a look.  There were clouds on the horizon, so I almost turned around to go back in bed, but I decided to go out and see if I could find the Moon.  Sure enough, there she was a bit higher in the sky than I had expected, and through a gap in the cloud cover I could see Mars and Antares.

Angelique, did you realize that planets have phases just like the Moon?  Check out this cool current snapshot of our solar system that I found on The Planets Today


You can see in the picture that Mars is way on the other side of the Solar System right now.  Over the next several months, Earth will slowly catch up with Mars and pass between Mars and Sun in October of 2020.  But there will be some really interesting events before that.  In March, Mars will have conjunctions with first Saturn and then Jupiter, which means we will have my favorite scrabble word…a syzygy.  Seriously, that’s a word for when three bodies line up.  Three you say? Yes three, for us to see two planets in conjunction, it means that there is a line that passes through those planets AND Earth, so the three bodies are in a line.  When three bodies line up in the sky, they form a syzygy, which, if you put it on a triple word score square, means you win the game.

And then on June 6, we will have Sun Square Mars, then on August 16, 2020, Mars will be trine Sun.  When Sun is Square Mars, that means there will be a 90 degree angle between them, so Mars will be overhead at sunrise.  At this moment, it will have the same aspect as a quarter moon.  From there it will really start to increase in brightness from our view, until it reaches opposition October 13, 2020.  At this moment, Mars will be both at it’s closest point to Earth and directly opposite Sun, so from our point of view, it will be a “full” Mars, just like a Full Moon.

And so now if you wake up early before dawn, you can see Mars shining faintly in the Eastern sky.  Right now it’s not much brighter than Antares, but if you look you can find it.

Angelique, tonight I have a phone call with a medium that I enjoy talking to a couple times a year.  Tonight she’s giving me a 2020 year view.  It’s funny that it is today that I first became cognizant of this journey Mars will be taking through our sky.  Mars for me feels like personal power and action.  I feel like Mars is our personal journey through the huge astrological events we will experience this year.  These started late last fall with the conjunctions of Venus with Jupiter and Saturn.  Then we had the conjunctions of Mercury with Saturn and Jupiter and Pluto in January, and the Conjunction of Saturn with Pluto in January.  We will see conjunctions of Mars with Jupiter and Saturn in March, and then in April Jupiter will conjoin Pluto.  All of these powerful events lead up to the Great Conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn on December 21 at zero degrees of Aquarius.

These events will mark very important developments for the world as a whole.  I am feeling now that Mars represents our individual journey through these events.  For me personally, Mars is on my ascendant, so Mars is a particularly important planet for me.

I pray for strength and firmness in myself as these events unfold, and I feel this power and strength coming from Mars.  And so let’s all go out and see the beautiful red planet as it puts on this amazing show for us over the next year.

Love as always



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