Prayers for New Consciousness

Dear Angelique,

I’ve really enjoyed your recent posts and hearing about your continued Dieta. It makes me feel like we are all going through a transition to a new level of vibration. It amazes me that this is happening just as we are starting to go through this series of Planetary conjunctions that will occur over the next year. Over the last few days we have had quite a line up, haven’t we?

It started with the Full Moon and the eclipse at the end of last week. Conjunctions of Saturn with Pluto, Mercury with Saturn, and Mercury with Pluto occurred on Sunday. On Monday, Sun aligned first with Pluto and then Saturn. We must have had a Sun Mercury conjunction in there somewhere too right? And all of this happened just after the full Moon, in the space of a single weekend.

Some of these move very fast, like the Moon and Mercury. Sun, of course, mirrors Earth from our perspective, since we are riding along this journey on the surface of Earth, and so Sun passes through the Zodiac every year. Others in this group are much slower. Saturn goes around every 29 years or so, and Pluto every 248 years.   And so it is that we have conjunctions of Saturn with Pluto every 34 to 38 years.  The last time we had a conjunction of Saturn with Pluto was in 1982, and before that 1947 and 1914 before that. I read a very interesting article that explained that the Saturn Pluto Conjunction is the same as a Saturn Return for the whole earth. These mark important transitions in our society.

Think back in history. In 1914 the Saturn Pluto Conjunction aligned almost exactly with the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand that started World War I. In 2020, the United States assassinated Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, on almost exactly the day of the conjunction. 

These alignments all occurred within a day of each other, and this is a very rare event indeed.  The odds of Mercury being within a day of the conjunction are about 2 out of 74 (one day on each side of the event). That means that conjunctions of Saturn, Pluto and Mercury within a day of each other would happen every 1,258 years. Sun was also within 24 hours, and the odds of that are 2 in 365, or once every 229,585 years.

So here I am sitting at my computer looking at that number, and let’s do a little exercise to bring this into perspective so we can feel it.   I’d like to invite you to do a little meditation with me right now. Take a deep breath in and let yourself feel that you are floating out in the Solar System watching the planets spin around the sun, as the sun itself moves around the Galactic Center.  Our cluster of planets and our Sun move around this center at 828,000 kilometers per hour, which sounds fast.  But we are moving through the infinity of space on a journey of  230,000,000 years to make one orbit around the center. Now expand your consciousness to our fellow travelers, the other planets, that orbit the sun and accompany us on this incredible journey. Feel their gentle energetic pulls on the quantum in your consciousness as we orbit together.

Imagine that the movement of these planets like the hands of a clock.  You could imagine a beam of light from Sun making a line to each planet, and these lines overlap each other as they pass, like the second hand passing the hour hand on a clock.  The line extending to Mercury moves fast, like a second hand. Earth is slower, like a minute hand. Saturn is a slower hand, taking 29 years to go around.  It takes about 8 human life generations for Pluto to make one orbit.

Now take a deep breath and imagine Saturn slowly catching up with Pluto way out in the Solar system. Then imagine that at the moment Saturn finally aligns with Pluto, Earth, Mercury and Sun also come into perfect alignment for one instant.  All five hands overlap at the same instant.  On a 24 hour clock, the hands all line up exactly only at midnight, and so mark the start of a new day. The duration of this “new day” in our solar clock is 229,000 years.  (I hope I’m within an order of magnitude here.  Maybe a real astronomer could give us a real number)  Angelique, I just realized that this 229,000 years is almost exactly 1/1000th of the time for our Sun to orbit the Galaxy, which would be a celestial year.

So now as we return to our breath in meditation, floating in harmony on this marvelous cosmic journey, let’s move to our prayer for 2020. A prayer for peace.  A prayer for a dawning of a Nova Era. This year we assassinated an Iranian general, and it felt for a few days like we were about to enter an all out war in the Middle East–just like World War I.  It was all over the media that this assassination could trigger a retaliation, and then the bloodthirsty war mongers would have their orgy of profit.  Conflict could have spread across the entire region and cripple the world economy (crippling the world economy would not be such a bad thing for trees, birds and kangaroos). This is what happened 100 years ago.  But it did not.  It has not yet happened.

And here is the affirmative prayer that I really want to send to 2020, which is very different from 2019. In 2019 my prayer was for personal development and to free myself from unhealthy relationships.  For 2020 my prayer is for the Human consciousness to make a leap to a new higher level of vibration than we have had for the last 2,000 years so we can stop our collective path of self destruction and restore the Garden of Eden that is our rightful heritage. I pray for leaders of the World to look for options for peace. I pray for the barons of industry to realize that they should use their resources to bring positive change to our planet.  I pray for us to see that we are more alike than we are different, and that from space, there are no borders between nations.  I pray that we can choose to one another.  I pray that we can share so everyone can have what they need to have a decent life. We have these resources TODAY.

Isn’t that the amazing thing Angelique? Meditate on this with me. Here on Earth, we have everything we need to take care of every person, and to also be good stewards of the environment. There is no need for us to live in a system without social justice. We do not need weapons at all. We do not need to create war refugees. We do not need to impress each other with over consumption. We do not need new TV’s from China. We do not need fear and scarcity.  Thank you 2020 for bringing the dawn of an Era where we wake up to this beautiful reality.

This scarcity lie, the basic premise of Darwinism, is just that, a lie. All of our wars and destruction and hoarding of assets, is justified by the false premise that there is not enough to take care of everyone. And in this scarcity, Darwinism justifies survival of the fittest. Which means since we all can’t have enough, I am justified in killing another person to take what they have, because after all, the strong survive.

This philosophy has been the center of American policy in the last 100 years. We support brutal dictators all over the world, and have since the Cold War and before, so that we can exploit the resources of other countries. We support the brutal theocracy in Saudi Arabia, whose insane leader literal ordered the murder of a journalist in an embassy and cut him into pieces with a bone saw. We accept this because we want oil. Remember the Latin American dictators we supported who disappeared dissidents and kept them in torture prisons. All justified by this notion of scarcity. It continues to the Genocide of Indigenous people that is happening even today all around the world from Brazil to Africa to Australia.

My prayer is that we can all wake up to a new level of consciousness. From “There is not enough to support everyone, and the natural order is the strong kill the weak to survive” to “We have everything we need, and we should take care of our planet and everyone on it.” I would like to thank 2020 for bringing us an end to this nightmare of suffering we have inflicted upon ourselves for the last 2,000 years.  Help me God to take actions in investing, in voting, in choosing what to buy, in the way I treat others, for this principal of Peace and Abundance to be my guiding light.

It is my prayer that with these amazing conjunctions, all leading up to the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the Day of the Winter Solitice at Zero Degrees of Aquarius, can truly be a dawn of a Nova Era, and the end of Armageddon.

Peace to you my friend.


3 thoughts on “Prayers for New Consciousness

  1. My little voice was the voice of doubt about astrology? No way! Not fair! I am a believer and your supporter. I hope I misunderstood you here.

    I second your prayers. Aho!


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