In the Affirmative Prayer

Dear Stephanie & Spencer,

I’m writing this to share that I am going off line for the next few days. I have studied and prepared a lot this week for tomorrows Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and for Sunday, January 12th’s Saturn and Pluto Convergence. At this very moment, my eyes are tired and my soul is in need of a little rejuvenation. I feel as if I have been working a lot within the spiritual realm, calling in, aligning and preparing. I feel deeply nourished in knowing I gave my best in following both the advice and instructions my guides gave to me. After this post, I am given permission to complete other responsibilities, to open my channel to receive, to feel what is going on in the cosmos during this powerful planetary time and to rest!

I highly recommend reading Mystic Mamma’s article FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse in Cancer January 10th 2020 + Saturn Pluto Alignment January 12th˜

This article is a little longer than normal, yet it is due to the highly transformational moment in history which is upon us. The astrology we are currently experiencing is something that astrologers have been talking about for years, and we are living it at this exact moment!

Steph & Spence, we are in a strong time, astrologically speaking (as I have already mentioned many times over, ha!). And we can easily see this manifesting in our global world. Instead of focusing on what is going wrong, I am taking this portal of time to tune my instrument to both hold and channel the light. I’m feeling the veil to the spirit realm very thin and am so thankful for this transparency.

True friends!!

As I have been studying the importance of self-care in every aspect of my life, I am inputting this into all of my activities over the coming days..

* Tonight I believe Simone, Charlie and I are going to visit one of our friends from Mapía. She’s currently in Ilheus for a Capoeira convention.

* Tomorrow on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse I have a 2.5 hour astro/intuitive reading!

* Friday evening I plan to do a solo ceremony praying, singing and connecting with these powerful times. (Also something good to note is that the day of eclipses are not for manifesting. They bring in their own power for release, quick transformation, so best to stay in reverence and open to what is.)

* Saturday, Debora and I are going to a place named Beach Jeribucaçu, it’s on the way to Itacare!

* Also, today and throughout the weekend I am going to spend a lot of time with our horse friends. Connecting with each one of them, listening to their messages, their guidance; allowing their magic to help open my eyes and heart to the wisdom of the portals before me.

I chose to deeply study my life, my internal world and the astrological realm as well this week so that I could release all I needed to out of my system. To clear my slate so that I may align my channel to rest in the midst of the astrological alignments.

Today part of my homework was to study all areas of myself: my truest desires, where I am holding myself back, and how I can best implement self-care as a priority. I also personally identified the boundaries I must create for myself.

Here is some of the wisdom I received:

In work and partnerships: Remain in love. Allow everything to unfold naturally. Give and place effort where it bubbles up effortlessly from the heart. By not over-giving to ensure a project comes to life, you will remain in respect to your highest good. Your best self. Remain in integrity. This is how we all must live to fully step into this new paradigm. You living this way will naturally rub off on others and inspire them too as well, or not! 🙂

Taking care of the self, respecting your limits, without attaching to circumstances will give space for the Divine to flow through.

For Mother Earth: Love her. Appreciate her. Give thanks! Bask in Her beauty and allow Her Beauty to radiate through you! Minimize plastics. Eat clean. Do your work so that you can be someone supporting her in Her mission of sustaining life. Give back and listen to her cues, pay attention to the signs and signals She gives. Offer your body to Her as an instrument of expressing Her wisdom, beauty, divine intelligence. Ground Her energy into yours. Feel Her deep love for you as well as your deep unconditional love for Her.

What Boundaries Mean to Me: Boundaries are not mean. They are love with firmness. Love that stands the test of time.

Boundaries with my personal time, energy, commitments.

I am the Creator of My Life. I choose that which I will allow to enter into my life. In total love, respect and humbleness.

Creating boundaries with my working self so that I have time for self-care.

Andd guys, through all of this identification I concluded by writing my 2020 Goals in the Affirmative Prayer. ❤

Txiva’s 2020 Goals in the Affirmative Prayer

(DREAMING BIG— releasing ALL small thoughts about the self)

I thank you Creator for having both stepped into and owned my full true Power.

I thank you for the development of my company and for my business coming to fruition.

Through your guidance I created firm boundaries and developed a strongly rooted foundation that gave me wings to fly and soar high in the sky.

I successfully completed my 3 month dieta of the Jiboia, all that I learned, received and expanded upon was beyond my wildest dreams. I both worked for and was given my true, authentic voice. I tapped into my healing at the deepest of levels. I was given the clarity and instructions of the following steps.

Through my work with the horses I received a vision on how to bring even more harmony and union to our home in Bahia. Coração de Ouro is the name of this unifying force and the name of my home. Through the understandings I was shown the perfect place to both build and construct my personal oasis.

My focus on self-care was not only my theme for January and also my Personal Motto for all of 2020. For this focus is what helped to keep me grounded, calm and clear.

Discipline, action and implementation was a natural effect of my focus on self-care. Each and everyday I opened to the wisdom of the Divine Force to both guide and show me My way.

I thank you Creator for helping me to release my rigidity and the illusion of the need for perfection. I learned how to truly accept myself for the woman I 100% authentically am.

I thank you for the successful development of all the projects both near and dear to my heart.

I thank you Creator for the opening and expansion of my Vision as well as the ability to articulate and share this with others. I thank you for the respect I received in sharing my visions, in my voice being heard and my ideas being implemented.

I thank you for the ways I have found to remain connected and aligned with ALL those I deeply care for in my spiritual line and family.

I thank you for the development of my work and in so doing all of those I was able to welcome in and help guide on the path. I thank you for their healing, their opening to the sacred mysteries of the natural world and all of the transformation which stems from this point.

I thank you Creator for the massive healing our planet, Mother Earth, and global world has experienced. For showing us the Power of your mighty love and that we are never to give up nor lose hope, for there is always a way. True Love Conquers All.

Thank you 2020 for all the work you blessed us with. Through dedication, joining together and living in true unity we are prepared to begin our new 200 year cycle in 2021.

I am in awe and deep gratitude. I thank you for accepting me as a humbly committed warrior on the path of Love, Truth, Justice and Light!

Amen. 🙏✨

With all this coming from my heart, I am interested to see if there will be any shifts or changes after the eclipse has passed and the energies have settled. All in its own due time! Happy Celestial Travels my friends!

Love and Blessings,


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