Dearest Spence,

The Cosmos are asking us to be bold with ourselves. Honest, direct and frank. The Universe is helping us to achieve our truest desires which is ultimately what Source is guiding us towards.

In order for our life to align in the best ways possible we MUST put in the work. This starts with taking time for ourselves, listening to the cues of our body, what we are receiving from the stars and allowing the creative flow to blossom from inside of us. 

Yet is there anything holding you back? Do you feel stagnation in some areas? A block in another? Are you irritated, confused or just not quite yourself? 

Or maybe you know everything is going to work out yet you don’t quite have an action plan yet.  You trust, feel the presence of something greater working through and still feel like you are not living your 100% ultimate self? 

The above are merely questions.  Thoughts I’ve felt about myself over the past few days.  Spencer I oscillate. Sometimes I feel everything is just fine; sometimes I feel fear and anxiety.  I spent quite a bit of time yesterday reading and hand copying an article that gave me much food for thought.  And I feel it is important I answer these questions now before the Full Moon Eclipse on Friday and the Saturn Pluto Conjunction on Sunday.  For this is part of the process in preparing for these astrological alignments. All helping to align myself and to get really clear on where I am going.  All tied in together to make this year as effective as possible. Yet, I realized, there must be a sense of calm, of flow and connection to the spiritual. 

So how do we find this balance? Of direct action, in flow and in joy? 


This following words are inspired and quoted from an article,. ‘If Not Now, When?’ I read on www.mysticmamma.com, and is a channeled writing from Lena at thepowerpath.com.. 

“A ruthless quality to this month as we set ourselves up for the coming times requiring good boundaries, the courage to face the truth and the discipline to DO IT NOW. 

‘If Not Now, When? 

2020 is a Warrior Year physical and grounded. Very conducive to cleaning up messes personal and global, as well as taking care of your own environment, physical and emotional body, and being responsible for your daily actions and consequences. But YOU have to do it.. If Not Now, When?” 

“Important to be proactive rather than reactive and to keep your focus on your own goals, intentions and choices. We can make great progress if we set ourselves up right from the start of this New Year. Show the universe you are serious about your intentions and the chance you wish to experience by taking action.

A good month to evaluate why you’ve not taken action on something you said you wanted. Why have you procrastinated doing something that is important to you?  

The first week of the year will be a great time for evaluating your own process, needs, hopes and fears. ‘Don’t be surprised if very old patterns, beliefs and the residual of deep emotional wounding surfaces. They are there to be cleared for good so you can move on seize the day. If not now, when?’ 

Your goals should be attainable by you and aligned with who you are and not someone else. 

Anything that is motivated by sentimentality and not your true desire will become an energy leak at some point. 

If run by fear, lack of discipline, stubbornness, you’re likely to put the gear in reverse and go backward.

If you are motivated by the excitement of what could be with a positive attitude, then you will put yourself in a gear that moves you forward. 

You can not go in reverse and forward at the same time so you will have to choose. 

This is an inspiring time for really asking for what you want and taking action on your commitments.  Even small actions and baby steps will be acknowledged by spirit and supported by your allies. Do it now. If Not Now, When? 

How this month shows up: 


SELF- CARE (Motto for the month of January) 

Make an attainable plan and take action. 

Anything you’ve neglected or procrastinated because of other responsibilities or just plain resistance, this is the month to fire up the self-care and follow through on what you know will support your body, mind and spirit. 

Even if those plans and intentions cover the next few months, schedule them now! 

‘Also a time for soul searching and making sure you have flexible personal time to re-evaluate your priorities, true desires and choices you need to make.  If actions needed to take seem overwhelming.. take baby steps.’

‘If find self feeling trapped or stuck, take a break, do something completely different, include physical movement and exercise.’

‘.. Look forward to this month being active, productive and transformational. It’s up to us to make it this way. It will take work and discipline.’ 

Get support when you need it. 

Revisit boundaries and set new ones where needed.  All part of the self-care theme. Don’t ignore it. Put yourself first! If Not Now, When? 


Self-care theme could have effect on relationships as you evaluate which ones are healthy and where changes need to occur.

Set boundaries where needed and also allow yourself to receive love and support. 


Whatever goals and intentions set around health and physical body, make sure attainable, little by little. 

Ask questions, ‘What if I really felt great every morning when I woke up? What if I always had lots of energy to do everything I need to do? ‘Then follow up with your own disciplines to show spirit you are serious. Take the attitude of I’ll see it when I believe it! 

Listen to the cues of your body. 


Great month for good endings and good beginnings making perfect time to start something new as well as cut something loose no longer serving you. 

Projects that have been sluggish in action or enthusiasm will either suddenly take off or go through a quick death. There is inspiration available for changing things up in your business and partnerships. Don’t be afraid to stretch a little and take action. 

‘Restructuring is also in the cards for this month. Evaluate the ‘structures’ of your business, finances, support teams, partnerships, goals, time frames, etc. and reset things where needed.

This is the self-care aspect of taking care of the structures that serve your work. Be a little creative with this as it can be your inspiration and raise self esteem. 


The most important environment is that of your own this month, in the category of self-care. 

There is an unpredictable quality to greater environment pushing for a change. Our attention in intention to greater environment will make the change. 

Acknowledge how the earth supports us rather than being fearful of all that is happening. 

Say Hello to Mother Earth everyday!” 

Lena (from the Power Path) 


Spence 2020 is the Year of the Builder. Where we step into our personal leadership role of creating the life we are being called to, from the depths of our heart.  In 2020 we are creating a stable foundation.  

What are your goals for this year? 

January is the month we evaluate, plan, organize and strategize. 

February is the month of action. 

We write our wishes, dreams, desires and give them to our angels, our allies to help manifest them into reality.  

Here is homework I am creating for myself and for anyone who feels called to do so for themselves: 

  • What have I not acted on that I wish to with all of my heart? 
  • What are my truest desires? 
  • What have I neglected/ procrastinated? 
  • Am I in need of creating boundaries in my life? If so, in what ways?
  • How am I going to implement self-care into every aspect of my life? Re-evaluate priorities, true desires and choices:  
    • Personally
    • Relationships 
    • Health and Body 
    • Work and Partnerships
    • The Greater World
  • Write out 2020 goals. DREAM BIG. (Release all small thoughts about the self.) 

I honestly feel a little overwhelmed by this.  Yet I know it’s part of my work to do in preparing for the Full Moon in just two days and the Saturn Pluto conjunction just two days after.  I am deeply committed to transformation, living my ultimate self and fulfilling my mission. 

I realize I have been blessed with such an amazing opportunity here.  And with this brings much responsibility. All of the tools are here for me to continue growing, learning and ultimately helping others to do the same.  I must do the work.  This current time is all about action.  Not discussing, dreaming, hypothesizing. It’s doing, giving our all, continuously moving forward, stepping one foot in front of the other. If Not Now, When? 

May you have a smile on your face, greet the day with gratitude and let those you love know how much you truly love them!!



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