Waiting Upon Your Arrival 🍃

Dear Spencer,

You all arrive tomorrow!! How exciting. I’m looking forward to paint your toenail. I wonder what color(s) we will choose? 🙂

I smiled when you mentioned not singing the hinário on the actual day perturbed you a little bit! Love you Spence. We, too, sang Mestre and also some Yawanawá. It was very strong for me and brought about some deep healing. Cleansing and clearing the way for 2020.

The next day we celebrated Christmas and it was honestly one of the best Christmas’ I have had. Jordão, Kene, Yawa, Muka and I ate lunch and then exchanged presents. After this Charlie, Simonne, her friend plus Jordana and her family came over and we all spent the afternoon together. We lIstened to music, laughed, played with the kids. Simple and perfect.

My Christmas Outfit! 🎄

Thank you for sharing the conjunctions for the rest of 2019 and of 2020 as well as the insights you are receiving. Jordana and I were recently talking about astrology, and she is beginning a new type of study. Rather than reading what the astrology is saying on the internet for example, she is looking at the aspects, or what sign the moon is in and feeling what this feels like to her. I like this idea, and as I begin to settle a bit more I think I will try to embark upon this study as well.

Just as you did not know exactly what you were going to write in the last post, I am not exactly sure what I am going to write in this post. I do know that I would like to mention the New Moon Solar Eclipse we just experienced. And that we are definitely still feeling its effects.

Through some of my studies, I discovered that since my rising sign is Libra, I am one of the signs most affected by this astrology. I read that things are coming out, ending and also coming in. The areas most effected by this for me are my living situations, relationships and career. Having me ask what I truly wish for myself. What is that I would like to develop and create? I am cleansing, purging what no longer has space inside so that I can step into a new era. And in this time of cleansing I will likely sense a void. And this void is necessary, it’s the space between, so that I can slowly take time to replace what I let go of with what is truly aligned with my soul, my mission, my heart. A time where I am truly transforming and finding my personal authority. Discovering how exactly I will live my life in a way that 100% aligns with me.

Whenever you arrive here Spence we will look at your rising sign and see exactly what the eclipse message is for you personally.

In knowing that y’all are coming to visit, I feel a sense of peace. I feel Mom and Dad are coming and with it, a deep sigh of relief. I am thankful for the way God has placed us in one another’s life. How this family is being formed here in Bahia and the role that each plays. All important, all with a purpose. Our teachers, bringing lessons, love, difficulties, everything. All the perfect formula for our growth, transformation, enlightenment.

Anyway that is all I have to say for now. Sending my love and will be seeing you tomorrow! All the best in your packing and wishing you a great flight.



P.S. I am sending this post from Boa Visa for the first time because Charlie set up a signal for us! WooHoo! Viva the New Cycles and New Life that is here!

6 thoughts on “Waiting Upon Your Arrival 🍃

  1. Angelique! My rising sign is Libra too! And I just discovered today is the conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun. I agree about using our own intuition and listening to our own feelings about the planets. After all each of us has a unique imprint. I also find that when I gently search through what has been written online, I weed through all that is written and I find the message I’m looking for. I feel it’s a good way to give a guide the opportunity to gently focus our attention on the message the guide wants us to find. This happened to me today reading about Jupiter and Sun. I definitely feel an expansive and abundant energy, and the writings about it that I found gave me good insight too. See you for lunch tomorrow! And hooray to Charlie for the new internet!!

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    1. What! Somehow I forgot that we have the same rising!! How cool, of course not a coincidence.. and so is Jordao!
      Wow I sure do feel this conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun today. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. See you tomorrow!!

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