Getting Ready for 2020

Dear Angelique,

I’ve been thinking so much of all the things I want to write between now and the time I get home from Bahia, that it’s almost freezing me. Part of me does not want to start writing until I have everything ready, but then the reality is that I will never write it.

Today is the 22nd day of December, and it is the day after the 2019 Winter Solstice. It turns out that the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will be on exactly the winter solstice of 2020, and so that makes today the first day of a 365 day count down. I went into the study and brought down the last of a package of mole skin journals and started to write. Let’s see if I continue writing every day for this year.

I was inspired to do a couple of things today. The first was to make a calendar of the planetary conjunctions that will happen in the next year. I was surprised to find that there really are not that many of them. I found a astronomy website that listed them, although they ignored Pluto, because of they don’t think Pluto is a planet anymore.

I also wanted to go back and read the prayer for 2019 so I could reflect on what I had thanked God for bringing us in 2019, and then use this as inspiration to write a new prayer for 2020. And so I was scrolling back through our blog posts to find my letter to 2019.

It amazed me to see how much we had actually written about Angelique! I saw that back in April I had done all that research about the opposition of transiting Neptune to my Natal Pluto. As I wrote before, everyone has either the opportunity to experience a conjunction or an opposition of Transiting Neptune with their Natal Pluto, but these happen only once every 82 years, and so nobody alive today has had both.

So for me personally, the opposition of my transiting Neptune to my Natal Pluto will happen twice in 2020 and then once again in 2021, due to retrograde motion of Neptune. I also noticed that there will be a conjunction of Venus and Mars in 2021. We have recently had conjunctions of Venus with Jupiter and Saturn, and we will have conjunctions of Mars with Jupiter and Saturn in March of next year, and then we will have the grand conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter on December 21st. Then we will have Mars and Venus in 2021. It looks to me like the last conjunction of Venus with Mars started this flurry of conjunctions, or maybe it was the solar eclipse of August 2017.

I’m not exactly sure what it was, but I can feel that a lot of things are happening right now. The world is waking up to the need to find a new system, one that is not based on the lie that scarcity is the natural state of affairs, and we have an election in the United States that will give us the opportunity to either turn our back on the charade that has consumed our national agenda, or we will commit to continuing that path. Which ever direction we choose, it looks like we are going to have 20 years to enjoy the benefits or deal with the consequences.

And so here we have this period of eight or nine days before the New Year. We all have a chance to meditate on how we want to start the year. I feel it’s very important that we live our prayers for the next 365 days so that we can manifest the birth of a beautiful new generation on December 21 2020.

So anyways there will be a lot to write, and I just want to write it without doing a lot of editing. I think I’m going to use this forum to unload my thoughts for the next several days. It helps me to think of this as writing letters to you, as opposed to writing something for a broader audience. It gives good conversation topics for me and Stephanie too. (Hi baby, I love you.)

See you next week, and let’s get ready for 2020!


Peace Love Forgiveness

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