Blessed Understandings

Hi Spence, 

Thinking of you today. I am currently in Serra Grande, waiting for a call with my spiritual counselor. This will be my first time checking in with her since I left Miami.  Looking forward to hear what she has to say and to share some things which are on my heart. 

So I went to the beloved Ilheus today to get the ‘Duster’ detailed inside and out. During this time I had a little head ache with getting my jury duty cleared.  The letter our lawyer Roberta wrote for me wasn’t sufficient, so we had to send more documents. 

During this happenstance I noticed my chest beginning to tighten.  When the man on the other line was rude, I felt angry.  I felt the fear I have of the legal system arise.  I could see the patterns of I am not organized enough, I am not good enough, I am going to be in trouble arise.  I could feel my mind wanting to begin swirling and the stress of the city caving in on me. 

And then I took a deep breath. I remembered I am on this dieta. I was able to see that these feelings were illusory.  That everything is in fact okay. That I will find a way to work this out.  What I needed to do was remain calm. And to ask myself, ‘How can I expand this feeling inside of my heart, rather than tightening?’

So I messaged Roberta, created a plan with her, found out the next steps and went for  a walk, as I will still waiting on the car to get finished cleaning.  I called my Mom. Her lightness and her love warmed me heart. We explained the annoyances which were going on in our lives. And together we realized to be patient, to be calm and trust that everything will work out just fine. 

I sang a Yawanawá song for her that I have been practicing.  I sang loud. With my sunglasses on and my eyes closed I didn’t even bother to look if anyone noticed, nor did I care. 

After I finished, I told her that I typically sing louder with Kene and that I would sing it for her again.  And so I did! Again not even thinking if anyone was watching, for no one knows me anyway. I was in a somewhat quiet place and all that matters is my connection inside to the Divine. 

Gosh I felt free. I felt happy and a lightness arrived inside. 

Spencer I feel that what is most important is our internal connection to our selves, our Higher Selves and ultimately our Creator. The trust in the Divine unfolding, the giving of my life in the way our Creator is guiding me. And when I tap in to this I can remember what is good.  I can see the patterns I am growing out of. 

The ability to not identify with the illusory traps I am comfortable with becomes ever more apparent. A breath of fresh air. A sigh of relief. 

And so as I picked up the car.  I drove to a location Charlie said would sell the oil and filter for our car.  Upon arriving they did not have the correct oil and suggested a different place.  I could not find it.  I felt tired and so instead of pushing myself to find the area I decided to come on home. And so I did.  And Spence I had the most peaceful drive. 

I arrived in Serra Grande. Received the document from Roberta. Called someone from the Miami Court and she was the sweetest.  She listened to my story with compassion rather than using the scare tactics the previous man had given.  And so I passed that test!  I organized other areas, studied astrology and then am now writing to you. 

As I am coming to an end of my letter for today, I’d like to send a reminder that the New Moon Solar Eclipse is in just 10 days.  And we are definitely feelings its effects now.  The energy can be impulsive.  Massive changes are happening. Transformation is a guarantee. Knowing this, we ride the wave.  We study our patterns.  We remain alert, awake.  Yet we remember our breath and find that calm within. We trust in that which is greater than us guiding the way. And we remember that everything is okay. We are here. We are fulfilling our mission. This present moment is perfect. And from this perfect present moment, all the others will unfold. 



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