Gratitude 🙏

Dear Spencer,

Welcome to the final month of 2019! Pretty soon it will be time to write our gratitude letter for 2020..

I’ve truly enjoyed reading your last two posts! I love the reminders of your blue toe, am looking forward to freshening it up when you arrive back here!!

Wow, I have literally tried to write this post to you for 3 days now. The first day I was in a funk, which you will read about further below. Yesterday, I went to Ilhéus with another failed attempt in connecting with someone to finish my visa process. I also drove to a town even 30 minutes further to help our friend drop off his car to get fixed. By the time I arrived home I was exhausted. And today I went back to Ilheus (successfully completed my Visa mission! Yet, I received an email from our lawyer that they typed a discrepancy and I have to go back to ilhéus this week for them to change it.. oh the patience!) Also today after my meeting and a few errands, I picked up your son Charlie and his fiancé from the airport today!

So Spence, as I mentioned in our phone conversation yesterday, on the 25th of November to be exact, we encountered something very spiritual in the Yawanawá tradition. And from that moment entered into a dieta. We held a ceremony that night and I received to follow this for 3 months. This is my first official Yawanawá dieta, and with this particular one I was able to ask ‘pedidos.’ That which I would like to grow within myself, develop and create. All in the affirmative prayer, as if it has already happened. So everything that happens to me in this time, all of the processes I am in, is to be deeply studied. And they say that what you asked, if you follow the diet, that which you deeply study will come true, will open up for you.

Each morning, for the next three months, I will begin the day praying a Yawanawá prayer, in their native language. Kenewma wrote one down for me, with the translation into Portuguese write below it so that I can understand what it is I am saying, word for word.

A few mornings ago, as I was saying this prayer in my room at Boa Vista, I saw a neon green grid all over our land. That of blessings, protections and positive manifestations.

So with that being said, Saturday, November 30th I woke up in a bit of a fog. I felt the diet was bringing a strong lesson to me and yet I could not quite identify what it was. I stayed at Boa Vista by myself for the the day and night. I felt that everyone was wondering where I was, but I chose to stay, to journal, to pray and do a little yoga.

During this time I wrote a letter to Jesus, just as I had been guided to when both you and Stephanie were here last. I asked him to help me understand the root/cause of the deep process that I was in, the heavy fog I felt all around me. And this was his response:

My Dearest Angelique,

Txivã I love you unconditionally and am THE guiding force in your life. I am your guide and I have brought you to the Yawanawá, to Bahia, to everything. Just as I have brought all of this to you, I too will bring your true love. It will be a love like no other. A special relationship. An answer to all of your prayers. Take this time to sink into your wisdom. Which is me residing in you. Re-light your candle and focus upon your foundation. Root to rise. Know that you will triumph, you are triumphing. This is one day, of studying your gunk. Of feeling your gunk. Don’t resist, accept and surrender to who you are. Allow me to move through you. Allow me to guide your movements. Through the flow of your heart. You do not need to push, or try to make anything happen. Yet, you do need to be open to allow my light and my love to move through you. Open your heart to this greater wisdom. Love. Do not focus on the negative qualities of others and that of yourself. Trust that I will open the way, in perfect timing for you to speak your truth and for you to be heard. You looked at the clock and it said 5:33. Today has been full of affirmations that my presence is here with you. Allow your heart to be nourished. Believe in miracles, in magic and trust in the unfolding of this process. Trust, trust, trust.

I say this here and now. All of your true dreams will be made manifest. All you have been working towards for years will actualize. You are worthy. You are beautiful, smart, intelligent. You will help many people. I will always give you exactly what you need. Never forget this and always remember me. Pray to me. Feel my presence. Feel the Power I have entrusted to you. Trust in the higher power working through that is going to guide you along the way. And that which is already guiding you along your way. Do your spiritual studies. And allow the magical flow of life to bring you to your destiny. Encounter with this greater spiritual force that is asking you to seek for it. Instead of wallowing in the discomfort, seek the refuge of this force. Trust that when it is hazy, your key is just around the corner. Do not be discouraged. Do not give up. Do not wallow in self-pity, doubt nor the illusion of lack. Remember who you are my daughter. Wake up to your true self. In this very moment! For time is precious. Time is sacred. There is a lot to be done and yet nothing can happen from a state of anxiety, giving up, thinking bad about yourself. Come on, get up and move to the next level. Your work now is to surrender to the divine, listen to its cues and allow the magic to flow through you. You are magic. You are gifted. You have everything that you need within you. I trust in you, I fully believe in you. I’ve got your back. And I am always watching over you. Allow this feeling to flow through. Amen.

Ever since this day of diving deeply within, I felt myself embarking upon a whole new level. Right now I am blessed to have endless amounts of projects, studies, things to do. My heart is full of gratitude and innate joy. I am so thankful for all that is here, in front of me. Thank you so much Spencer and and Stephanie for all you do. I am so thankful for our friendship, this family we are both a part of and creating together. I truly look forward to seeing y’all soon.

Yet, in the meantime we will be connected here on Pen Pals Across the Universe.

I’ve been researching the astrology for December. And dude/dudette!! I’m not only blown away but also completely stoked with all of the planetary alignments. This information deserves a post of their own, so I will be making a post or two on this in the coming days.

Sending so much love.


P.S. Charlie and I are going to begin planning the building of the corral tomorrow!

P.P.S. Jordão and I are going to schedule a date to check out the horses I told you about yesterday. And we’ll see if one of them is calling us to bring him/her home!

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