New Freedom from the Stars!

Dear Angelique…

I had such a great realization after our concentration session last night. I was getting ready for bed and I was thinking about writing, and I realized that I have been really blocked in writing here because of my concern for the audience that I am writing for. I realize that I have all these blocks that come from my conceptions about what a blog is supposed to be, and that I have to write a certain way, or get all caught up in grammar, or not write lots of sentences that are joined by commas and “ors” because you can only have two independent phrases in a single sentence or else you risk having a run on sentence and we all know how bad that can be because it basically makes communication impossible and leads to the Tower of Babel, or communision. Or worse. See Or worse is a lousy sentence by these rules too!

And so yes, I do love to study the planets and the stars, and I’m super grateful that I have a clear view of the eastern horizon, so I get to watch things rise. This inspires me a lot to write about Astrology.

But that’s the catch. I’ve been waiting for a good article to write about Astrology because that’s what the blog is supposed to be about, instead of just writing a letter to my good friend Angelique about whatever happens to be on my mind. I especially love that my dear wife Stephanie reads this too, so I know in the back of my head that I’m writing to her too. (I love you baby) That’s so weird, I did not intentionally bold that statement. I hit the bold by accident somehow when I was trying to open the parenthetical.

I can just see that my toe nail is starting to grow out Angelique. It’s kind of like the black toe bruises I get from standing around all day on top of the furnace or from hiking downhill in boots a size to small. Or playing soccer with a long toe nail. Yes I have a long history of watching black toe nails grow out, but this is my first experience with a green one. I hope that’s an upgrade.

I saw that picture that Jordao took of you on the horse! I was so filled with saudade. I am so looking forward to our trip after Christmas. We sent Wylie back to Boulder today, and it will only be three weeks before he returns, and then a week after that, we will be there.

I’d love to hear an update about the farm. Like how is it going with the pastures and other facilities that you have planned? It’s interesting because with your limited internet, this is actually a pretty good way for us to communicate. We can write all kinds of stuff that’s on your mind and then respond when we have a moment. There’s another bad sentence that makes sense where a good one wouldn’t. Não é?

Só I have a little story about the image for this letter. We were walking to the grove on this beautiful day and we passed these giant sacks of coral rock. We joked that it was like a comitiva was arriving, and they had packages delivered here for us. But then when I started writing this, I saw that they symbolized all of the hang ups I had that were freezing me from writing as many letters to you as I would like to write. At least you and Stephanie will read them. If someone else enjoys them, well that’s just a little more light in the world, and that’s what we are all here for right?



Peace Love Forgiveness

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