Venus, Jupiter and the Moon and the end of a Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Angelique-EE

Here I am sitting by the beach in Eleuthera after a big family reunion. Stephanie and I fly back to Miami today with Tata and Wylie and George, so these are the last moments of this great family reunion. My Blue Toe is starting to show signs of age, and it will be high time for a new paint job by the time we are together again.

Last night we had a beautiful sight of Venus with the New Moon and Jupiter in the eastern sky just after sunset. You guys all sent pictures from there in Bahia, and so I went outside and snapped one too. With the hour time difference, it worked out perfectly.

The Crescent Moon with Venus Below and Jupiter poking through clouds

I usually think of Astrology as a device for receiving messages or for predicting the future. Do you know what I mean? It seems like we often search through our books looking for answers to questions or for guidance about what actions we should take. I had a new experience this time with the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.

I remember writing my last blog post as the conjunction was forming and I remember watching Venus come closer and closer to Jupiter until finally we had the conjunction last Sunday. Then the next day we took off to the Bahamas for a family reunion. It was the first time we’d been together with all the cousins and everyone since Stephanie and I got married, and my Nephew was too young to remember my son Charlie. This was also the first time my family got to meet Simone, my son’s fiancé.

And all of this took place under the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, and then on the last night of our reunion, on Thanksgiving, the New Moon made her appearance there in the sky with Jupiter and Venus. I could just feel the blessing we were receiving and the gratitude that everything came together so well. We even had to overcome a few glitches from the recent Mercury Retrograde, which caused Charlie and Simone to spend three days in Salvador getting paperwork to prove their Yellow Fever Vaccine status to enter the Bahamas from Brazil.

And so I had a different feeling about the Astrology. I felt like the planets were marking this occasion and sending blessings. It felt to me like we had a celestial banner extending over the whole of humanity blessing this Thanksgiving, and I hope this feeling of peace and beauty and abundance that we all enjoyed here was felt by people all over the earth.

And less obvious, but certainly present was Saturn, which shined it’s light from above on the whole show. The Moon will catch Saturn in a matter of days, and Venus will join it probably within a week, and it will be thirteen months before the Great Conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn that comes on the 21st of December 2020.

We have so many blessing in this world. We are producing enough to take care of everyone, and scarcity is a condition of our own making. The iron giant with the feet of clay is starting to wobble as we face the consequences of our bad behavior as a species, but I can just feel that we are waking up and that the new system is about to dawn.

I’ve been working on the translations of the words of our beloved Padrinho Sebastião. In the latest passage, which comes from talks he gave in Rio do Ouro back in about 1981, about how the banks were lending money to scoundrels near Rio Branco in the western Brazilian Amazon, and how they would use the money to cut down the forest and plant crops on fields that would yield one crop, and then be barren. He saw this as a huge waste, and he saw that these so called “farms” were lousy farms that just destroyed everything. He talked about how a good farm produces the things people need and how it is sustainable and productive year in and year out. And he also pointed out that there was no money to help this kind of farm, only those that burn the rain forest to turn a quick guaranteed profit.

And so it is that we have been continuing all around the world. Look at how much we spend on weapons and warfare to secure our grip on the world oil supply. Look how we support prison labor conditions in China so that we can have an endless supply of cheap electronics and consumer goods. Look how we have empty houses and wasted food while so many go hungry and without shelter. Look how we make garbage out of plastic and throw it in the oceans.

I have to say I am happy to see that the consequences of this behavior are finally becoming undeniable. I love the phrase “Ok Boomer“ younger generations recognize that they do not want to be sucked into the same machine of destruction that we have created over the last hundred years. Can you imagine that we have so much contempt for our young people when our nation’s leaders are acting in such selfish and corrupt ways?

I can feel the dawning of a Nova Era coming where we learn that we don’t need all of the garbage that we import from China, that we don’t need to waste, and that we have enough to share with everyone. I feel that the time for this is upon us.

Look at all that is happening in the coming year. We, here in America, have the opportunity to vote Trump and his thugs out of the White House, and maybe we will succeed in getting rid of a fair share of those crusty old thieves in the Senate who talk out both sides of their mouths while funneling favors to their chronies.

We have a chance to do things differently, and I hope that we can take it. I feel that the alignment of the stars and planets and all the divine beings are marking this giant shift in Human Consciousness that will be able to save the earth.

And so as I sit here with a turkey sandwich in my stomach and my blue toe nail I feel a lot of hope. I feel that things had to get this bad before we could wake up and make them better. And I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to play at least some small part in the solution.

I can’t wait to come to Bahia to get my toe nail repainted. By the time I get there it will certainly be necessary. We send our love to you and everyone there, and we look forward to our reunion!


Peace Love Forgiveness

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