Bahian Thoughts

Dear Spencer, 

I drove into Serra Grande to connect to Wifi at the one health food store we have in this little town.  I ate a vegan burger with vegan cheese made from chickpeas.  Followed by an açaí bowl for dessert. Soo good!! (They are also beginning to sell the vegan burgers frozen to take home and eat when you would like.) 

A few days ago I saw a notification from Pen Pals Across The Universe in my gmail inbox and was stoked to read what you had to say.  I haven’t been able to keep up with astrology lately as I haven’t had internet nor a phone connection for a few days.  I’m stoked Mercury is going out of retrograde soon.  I realized that I had totally forgotten about this and now different experiences and encounters are making sense.  The power of divine timing and alignment never ceases to amaze me. 

A little update about my life is that I bought a Brazilian chip for my phone as the price is much more efficient that using my American number.  Yet when I inserted my chip I was told I needed a CPF (Brazilian Tax ID Number) to validate my account.  At this same time our lawyer Roberta told me that the process of the CPF had changed and it would take a little more time than expected.  Yet miraculously one day all of this shifted and I was able to get my CPF, actualize my account with some help of friendly Brazilian strangers and am now all ready to go! 

It’s so funny.  As I am typing this, I’m remembering all of the small stories that have been occurring in my life, that haven’t been ideal, yet ultimately work out.  And, now, I’m like ‘Ooooo Angelique totally Mercury Retrgroade happenstances.’

Spence, I miss both you and Stephanie so much! Sending you all of my love and wishing a smile on your faces and a twinkle in your eyes.  Even though I am with saudades, I am also so incredibly thankful. I feel I am home. With all the imperfections of life, I know I am exactly where I am meant to be. I feel it in my bones and in the depths of my heart.  An answered prayer I’ve cried over for many years now. As I write this, I take a deep breath, feel the warm Bahian breeze on my skin and the sense of groundedness that is new to me and something I truly only feel in Brasil. 

The horses are doing well.  They are running low on grass. Yet, we have a solid plan on how to adjust this.  I spoke with Tatai yesterday and when Charlie arrives back from the Bahama’s we are going to begin the construction of the corral.  Padrinho Paulo gave the green light to build it in the pasture where the stables are.  I am in good standing with everyone. Thank you God. Growing enormously in this magical portal we are so blessed to call home. 

Also one of Jordão and I’s best friends, our 3rd Musketeer, is visiting from Vancouver, CA.  He came for a week and will be leaving this Tuesday. Another true gift from God, medicine for the heart. 

I’ll be seeing you before we know it and truly looking forward to our conversations, hearing about what you have experienced, learned, where you have grown and developed.  Boa Vista is looking awesome, each day comes with further progression. 

So this is a ‘Tchau for now’ Spence!  Just wanted to send a little hello and a check-in from the South. Looking forward to the continued development of all that is! 



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