Full Moon in Aries~ A New Beginning

Dear Spence, 

Tomorrow is the October Full Moon in Aries. With this the Sun is in Libra and another shaping planetary position is Pluto in Capricorn. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and so in this time we are entering into a time of a new beginning. 

Energies have been intense as of late. Fires are burning, literally in the Amazon, California for example, yet also fires are burning internally as well.  That which no longer serves us is apparent and is something we can no longer choose to hide from. Of course we have our free will choices, we can do our best to bypass them, yet this can emerge in unwelcome ways.  These times are calling us to rise to our highest, truest selves and to be honest in the process. 

We must use our innate wisdom to decipher how we use our voice and also how we react. The wounds inside of us can be heightened.  If we are quiet, study them and allow a little time to pass, what we are triggered by might not seem so big in the aftermath.  

The strength of the emotions can be attributed to the fiery Aries energy putting things into action and also the plutonian energy in Capricorn shaking things up to place things in order. We are blessed with the Sun in Libra, desiring to bring balance and beauty amongst the great changes in our wake. 

I recommend reading Mystic Mamma’s post: Full Moon in Aries, to hear the perspective of talented and in-tune astrologers helping to map what we are experiencing as a collective and also individually. 

We can no longer deny the effects of global warming and how important it is to focus on the health of our planet.  We are seeing people stand up all over the world and awaken at some of the greatest levels I have seen as of yet.  But one important thing to remember is that we must also work on the fires and outbursts going on within us.  Focusing our efforts on truly understanding our quirks and what is arising for us to transform.  For as we make peace with our inner world, this then ripples out to those in our circle, which ripples collectively out into the world.  

Spencer I decided to pull a tarot card from one of my favorite decks for us today, Mother Peace Tarot. 

My question: “What do we need to let go of in order to be best prepared for this new life?” 

The card which arose is the Shaman of Discs.  The Shaman of Discs is a wise and powerful woman who has committed her life to the healing of others. She has stayed the course of her path as she sees the magic that lies within this commitment and the validity of her mission. With all of her power, she could easily wield It for her sole benefit. Yet she is pure of heart and knows the truth of life is not about personal gains.  She is someone that can along with most anyone.

When we pull this card in a reading the message that it has for us personally is: 

The Shaman of Discs ‘suggests you know where you’re going and how to get there. In matters of money and work, you understand the necessary steps to be taken, the right path to success. You have a sharp eye for details and your calm sense of direction makes you a trustworthy co-worker or a capable free-lancer. You have a great deal of experience in the world, which has taught you wisdom. As long as the card is upright, you won’t take any wrong turns or become materialistic.’ (And I pulled the card upright!)

What I get from this is that we know where we are going. We know who we are. We have been working hard for a long time and are doing a great job.  We must believe in our intuition, believe in ourselves and in our worth.  The times are asking us to fully step into who we are.  For the word needs us.  And through this realization we take one certain step at a times, knowing this process is leading us exactly to where we are meant to be. 

Spence thank you for being such an integral part of my path.  Lets continue our work and trust in the good things comin’! 



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