Beautiful Conjunction of Moon and Jupiter

Dear Angelique,

I am so happy to be getting back into the flow of writing, and I am also happy that the whirlwind of upheaval and travel that I experienced last summer has finally calmed down. It’s been a little more than a year since we started writing here, and I’m so pleased that it has continued so well.

I took my step daughter Tatiana to get some ice cream last night, and as we walked out of the store, I saw the Moon sitting right on top of Jupiter. It was such a lovely conjunction, and it feels like this was a very favorable astrology for me. I have not looked at the literature about this yet, but I definitely feel something in my own body. It feels like a time of peace and of rest. It feels to me like we are getting a break when things happen easily and where abundance flows naturally.

The feast day of Saint Michael happened last weekend and coincided with the New Moon, and I felt a very clear shift in the energy. I remember last spring when we were having a lot of releasing things that were no longer serving us, and a lot of work and a lot of change. This process really started in my world late September of 2018 on the same feast day of St. Michael. I can feel that this intense process is finally behind us, and now we are moving forward to enjoy the rewards of our work. My prayer for help in disentangling from relationships that are no longer serving has run it’s course too, and it feels so much cleaner.

For me this is manifesting itself in some home improvement projects as well as in some new developments in guitar. I have a good friend visiting from Brazil and he is teaching me the melodies for lots and lots of hymns. I recorded them on my voice memos and I’ve been uploading them into Soundcloud Playlists so that I can loop them and practice along with them until I memorize them. We are also painting the interior of the Pond House, and this has been a lot of fun.

I am looking forward to seeing you back in Miami next week and then for our next big adventure to start. I’m so happy to have just this little break where we get to enjoy ourselves for a couple weeks of recharging the batteries.


One thought on “Beautiful Conjunction of Moon and Jupiter

  1. So nice to hear Spencer. Wow, it sure has been quite the year ey? Thankful for the rest that we are being blessed with. Truly thankful for the gift that our blog is!

    Looking forward to coming back to Miami Tuesday. Feels like a coming home ✨


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