September Equinox and an Appearance from the Angels 👼

Dear Spencer, 

Happy Equinox! What a fitting day for the re-entry after our small hiatus into writing and sharing again on here.  Today we are officially halfway through the astrological year and there are literally 100 days left in our calendar year. A time to take stock of where we currently are.  Depending on what hemisphere of the planet we live on determines which ways we will be naturally directing our focus. 

Now is a time to question how you personally plan to spend the rest of this current calendar year. 

With the change of seasons, there is a natural shift and flow of energies we are being called to work with. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, the season is shifting from Summer to Fall, from an outer masculine energy to an inner feminine.  During the summer we are more action oriented, getting things done, meeting our goals, celebrating life. And as we move into the cooler months, a time of slowing things down, letting something go in our lives, or putting things on pause, to see what natural course ensues. 

In the Southern Hemisphere, a shift from Winter to Spring is at hand, energy now moving from a more inward expression to outward/active. The winter season was one for tuning in, reflecting, taking care and planning, dreaming that which we would like to manifest. With spring now in the air, a time to take in all that was pondered upon and then move those ideas into action steps, see them transform into reality.  

I’m personally in an interesting place Spence. I realized that over the past year I’ve spent almost an equal amount of time in both North and South America. 

As I am currently in the United States and feeling the tides of the shift to winter, I am naturally  letting go of something major, a wound that has lied deep within me.  It is asking to be released once and for all before I move from the continent I was born and raised in (United States) to my new home (Brasil).  So that when I arrive there, in the fresh, new Spring energy, I will be able to begin creating my new life.  Open, full, and ready. (My dear horse friends are awaiting me there, I feel the pull of my heart towards them as I type these words.) 

All of this is a completely new territory for me. Moving between seasons over the past 9 months and preparing to officially become a resident of a country I’ve dreamt of living in for  about 6 years now.. 

Spencer, as your home is in the United States, and you are preparing to enter into the ‘fall season’ (which luckily enough Miami doesn’t get too cold!), have you noticed anything you are begging to let go of? Do you sense yourself naturally slowing down? 

Yet, regardless of which part of the hemisphere we find ourselves in, today is a day where we are all experiencing the same thing. An equal amount of dark and light, an equality in us all.

As we enter into Libra Season, the scales are balanced, a merging of the energies is occurring, Showing us that we are ALL one, connected, united and equal. One planet, one world, one heart!! 

Lets ask ourselves how we can find more balance in our lives?  Are we ensuring that we are taking care of our needs as well as those around us? What steps can we take to bring more harmony, love and guided action into our lives? 

Spence, I am SO thankful we are shifting out of Virgo Season into Libra.  As you know I am a Virgo, and we Virgos don’t necessarily enjoy being in the spotlight. This past month, my virgo tendencies were definitely heightened for me.  And with it some incredible lessons were brought to the surface..  I know where I am heading, I have scheduled personal time to do my deep inner healing work. 

And just as we enter into Libra Season, I am reminded that the healing is also in the now, this current moment, in the stepping of one foot in front of the other.  For it’s the baby steps that lead to the breakthroughs.  They are just as important, no less. 

I SO look forward to Libras energy of balance, to focus on the partnerships I have with those closest to me.  To revel in the beauty, in the order and most of all in the harmony. 

To conclude this sharing, pulled two angels cards for us today, each one from a different deck. To help us to both integrate and to understand that which we are collectively experiencing, healing and learning. (Thank Mom for all of your wonderful Angel cards!)

The first if from Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue and the card which arose was that of, ‘Answered Prayer.’


All of your prayers are always answered. Sometimes you may not feel this way, because the answer comes in unexpected ways. Perhaps you receive an intuitive feeling or a new opportunity appears- or book falls off the shelf. The angels answer our prayers very often by giving us ideas or information in these everyday ways. 

By drawing this card, the angels request that you be extra observant. Notice everything that you hear, say, think and feel. Be especially alert to help that comes to you, and be sure to accept that help. You do deserve this assistance and many times God enlists people to act as Earth angels who bring answers to your prayers. 

The second card came from the Angel Answers deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine. The card which appeared was ‘Remain Positive.’ 

Card Meaning: The angels are asking you to keep an optimistic attitude! There is a very positive momentum beginning to build toward the creation of your desires. You’re speaking your dreams alone by maintaining a cheerful and confident demeanor. 

It may seem as though your plans are taking a long time to manifest, but very soon you will see a change. Don’t allow yourself to lose hope when your dreams are so close to coming true! 

Ahh thank you Angels for your positive guidance and affirmations. Thank you Spencer for your encouragement of this blog. Preparing for and writing this post has been a deeply healing experience for me.  Both the study of astrology and writing brings comfort to my soul, soothes my heart and calms my mind. 

In gratitude, 

Angelique Marie 

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