Last Days of Mercury Retrograde bring freedom from negativity

Dear Angelique,

I feel so happy to be writing to you right now.  What a whirlwind this summer has been.  You are there in the middle of the Amazon where I was just three weeks ago, and here I am on an airplane to Austin on the way back home.  I remember that Mercury stationed retrograde on exactly the day that I left the forest, and now it’s going to station direct on the last day of my long road trip through California and the Pacific Northwest.

I don’t know if you know this, but I spent a week with good friends in Humboldt County, California and then I drove up to Portland, Oregon for a spiritual retreat in the redwoods with about 85 of our brothers and sisters.  The towering Redwood forest reminded me somewhat of the Amazon and of your home in Bahia, except for one remarkable difference.  The silence.  In Humboldt I stayed with a friend on his large mountain ranch.  He offered me a solitary bungalow in the woods to stay in while I was there.  I woke up very early one morning and stepped outside onto a little deck.  Down the mountain fog rolled in from the sea and filled the valley and so I was looking across a vast ocean of white toward King’s Peak on the other side of the valley.  The silence was absolute like in a gentle winter snow.

Where was the cacophony of birds, frogs, insects and monkeys?  Not a sound.  Not a peep, not a croak, not a buzz, not a howl.  Silent mist and still air. It really was remarkable.  As you are experiencing in this very moment, the tropical forest constantly sings to us.  I stood still there in the redwoods, and after about a minute I saw movement at the edge of the trees. A bobcat emerged either unaware of or unconcerned by my presence. A bobcat needs prey, so of course it would not have been there if there were not prey to hunt.  It seems that silence is necessary for survival in the redwoods while noise is necessary for reproduction in the tropics.

I stayed in an AirBnB with close friends from Hawaii while in Portland.  It was so good to see everyone.  As you know I have been dealing with some unfortunate and unnecessary drama in Miami.  I try not to dwell in the negativity, but you know how it can suck our energy.  To me it feels like a thorny cloak across my upper back and shoulders.  And so there I was in Portland with so many of our close friends and so many people expressed how happy they were to see me.  I was so happy and grateful to be with them.  Such a contrast to toxicity.

And so this gets me back to the Mercury Retrograde.  I have had lots of solitary time in these weeks that Stephanie has been on her own adventure these last weeks. And so I have had lots of time to meditate and do personal work reflecting back on everything that has transpired since the last retrograde in March. I discovered a real opportunity to get back in touch with the lightness of my being, and I think that really is the essence of Mercury Retrograde.  It’s an opportunity for us to engrave our lessons in our hearts.  The previous lesson I received from the stars was about stepping into our authenticity and leaving those who want to talk.  The lesson from Mercury was that the lightness of our being is always in the present moment.

There I was in the cold mountain air on a beautiful morning in the redwoods enjoying the peace and stillness.  My natural response was joy and gratitude.  The negative thoughts that darken my mind from the attacks of others are not there in the redwoods.  They exist only in my imagination.  I am reminded of a great lesson from the Vortex Meditations of Abraham Hicks.  I’m sure I have referred you to them before.  They have four meditations to manifest abundance  in our relationships, our finances, our health and our general well being.  The meditation on relationships advises us (roughly) as follows:

“Sometimes you believe that others have the power to negatively affect your experience, but that is never true.  Only your response to them has the power to pinch you off from the naturally good feeling person that you are.  Sometimes others believe that their happiness depends on your response to them, but that is never true.  If you encourage them to believe that, and stand on your head to please them, you do not help them or you.”

Vortex Meditation on Relationships, Abraham Hicks

We live in a world where people constantly trash each other.  As soon as one person has success or happiness, others come with envy and try to tear them down.  There are so many who will be straight up mean and nasty right to our faces, and even worse, the two faced double talkers who smile at us and then talk badly behind our backs.  Toxicity abounds. How can we keep our lightness of being and joy in this kind of environment? This is our challenge and the lesson for us to remember is that our lightness of being and joy is always right there in the present moment. For me, this Mercury Retrograde has been all about challenges that would take me away from this way of being, and then learning how to find my way quickly back to serenity.

The truth, as Abraham Hicks so eloquently points out, negativity only affects us if we let it.  I don’t know if it has reached you, but there has been a lot of negativity flying around in Miami.  I have been trying as best I can to stay out of it, but it’s hard when people get right in your face with their unpleasantness.  And then with this Mercury Retrograde I found a golden key.

All this negativity is falsity.  It has nothing to do with God. It has nothing to do with truth. It has nothing to do with our eternal spirit.  When someone projects their negativity upon us, either directly to our faces or behind our backs, they are simply spitting out what is inside of them. It has nothing to do with us. My good friend, a psychologist, gave me a very helpful tool to deal with this, which he called an empathy shield.  As soon as he explained it to me, I felt it’s power.

I always thought of empathy as a form of compassion or at least a gateway to compassion, and empathy is that.  But it can also be a shield.  My friend showed me how people who spew noxious bile about their brothers and sisters are simply demonstrating that their hearts are full of it.  Nobody has to say that we all give what we have.  Those who have love give love have love.  Those whose hearts (or livers I guess) are full of bile, well they give bile.  So if someone is spitting bile at us, the first thing we do is create distance.  There is nothing to be gained from getting covered in bile right?  But then instead of engaging or arguing or defending ourselves, we can imagine how awful it would be to be filled with such bile.  Oh that person is full of sickness and is vomiting profusely over anyone who will listen.  If we have empathy, then what does that do to the content of what they are saying?  It renders it inert.  

Monkeys are known to throw poo down from trees when they are afraid, provoked, or just cantankerous.  Are you going to go argue with the monkey while it throws monkey poo at you?  Are your feelings going to be hurt that the monkey does not like you? Of course not.  And here is the little twist, by having empathy it relieves us of attachment.  And there lies freedom.  Who cares exactly what a sick monkey has to say?  It’s enough to see that it’s sick, have empathy, and then move on.  We can even hope that the Monkey feels better in the morning.

And once we release our attachment to what the monkey says about us, we return to the beauty of the forest.  Empathy frees from being codependent with bile filled poo throwing tree monkeys.  And then we learn to see them for what they are, and before we know it, they are throwing their poo and spitting their bile at each other and not at us.  With patience we overcome.

And so here as we wind down these last couple of days of Mercury Retrograde, let’s review our inventory.   Are you caught it a pointless drama?  Are negative thoughts about your interactions with others going around and around in your head sucking out your joy?  Identify the sources of this negativity and expel them from your energy field and from your body.  Good health and happiness will be the reward.

I absolutely cannot wait to hear about your trip to the Amazon.  I hope you are having a great time.  


Peace Love Forgiveness 

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