The Great Conjunction of 2020 – step into your authenticity

Dear Angelique,

I am so happy to finally be writing to you. As you know, I was two weeks in the jungle with extremely limited internet, and now that I’m back I hardly know where to begin. I really enjoyed seeing the brilliant night sky, the Southern Cross, and Jupiter in opposition to the Sun every night. June is the dry season in the Amazon, and we enjoyed sunny days and clear skies at night. I was there for the waning Moon and the new Moon, so the nights were particularly dark and left the stage for Jupiter to dominate. See it in the picture above? It stood so clear right by the Milky Way.

One night I was gazing up at Jupiter and I was trying to make out the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius, and orient myself to the zodiac, and I saw Saturn was in the sky to the East. I remembered the coming conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which will happen on December 21, 2020 at zero degrees of Aquarius, just as Sun enters Capricorn. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is known as a Grand Conjunction, and it is believed by some that the Star of Bethlehem was actually the Grand Conjunction of 7 BC. (Although I have to say that does not make much sense to me, because pretty much everyone back then would have seen the two planets coming closer and closer every night in black sky of the desert.)

Grand conjunctions happen every 18 to 20 years, and thus they mark off large sections of our lives. Saturn is about structure, rules, limitations, boundaries and form. Jupiter is about expansion, abundance, opportunity and exploration. When these two powerful energies unite, Jupiter provides an energetic key to unlock our structures and limitations and reform them so that we can grow and expand. And once the conjunction is over, the structure hardens and provides the framework for the next section of our lives. To me this feels like an open enrollment period when students register for classes in college. At the start of each semester, students register for classes and then they have a brief period of opportunity to make corrections with drop and add. After that, the course of study is set for the semester.

We often think of Saturn as a negative planet, because we think of rules and limitations and boundaries as things that stand in the way of what we want. But this is not the right way to look at Saturn. These rules, limitations, and boundaries are like the bones in our spiritual body. They are the skeleton that gives our lives shape and form and allow our muscles to exert leverage and for us to stand and move. This structure gives shape and meaning to our lives. Sure your kitchen has walls, and these walls are a limit on the size of your kitchen, but without the walls, you don’t have a kitchen at all. We need structure, even if we sometimes rebel against it.

But we also need opportunities to change our structure or else we cannot grow. Jupiter conjunction with Saturn gives us this opportunity. Now we have the opportunity to look at our lives and see what we want to keep, what we want to throw out, and where we want to create room to grow. We have the opportunity to create a new structure for the next 20 years that will accommodate this. And for me this process started in Mapia last month.

I really enjoyed my time in Céu do Mapia, a small community of about 700 people in the heart of the Amazon rain forest. Being there for two weeks with only the most limited communications gave me a great opportunity for reflection, and the work that we did there gave me some real upgrades in my development of spirit.

I enjoyed reconnecting to nature in that vast primordial forest. There is something so special about being in a place that humankind has not yet tamed. The ancient trees touch the sky, and each supports a neighborhood of life, with vines, bromeliads, birds, monkeys, and all kinds of life. In town, the only electricity comes from generators run every day from sunset until about 9:00 at night, and after they switch off, the night surrounds us thick like a blanket. And then come the stars!

Out there in the jungle, I had a lot of time on my own, and this gave me a great opportunity to reflect on everything that has happened so far this year. The thing that strikes me the most is the power of the prayers we made at the beginning of the year. The most powerful, and the one that I have returned to most often, is the thanks we gave to 2019 for bringing opportunities to disentangle from relationships that are no longer serving us. So much has shifted and all of it has been very welcome and good. I am really grateful.

I have written a lot about Jupiter this year, and I had also written about the night of St. John and the opportunity for transformation we would all enjoy. We had Jupiter in opposition to the Sun in June, and so Jupiter shined its brightest last month and was high in the sky at midnight. I was in Mapia for the waning moon, and so the sky was super dark every night, and Jupiter dominated the scene. Look in the picture at top. Can you see Jupiter shining so brightly next to the Milky Way with red Antares, part of Scorpio, just to the right? It was such an incredible sight, and I could feel abundance and blessing raining down.

And then I saw something I had not been thinking about for a while. I saw Saturn near the eastern horizon. Saturn is now entering opposition with the Sun, and so it will be at its brightest in the coming days. But that’s not the exciting part of the story. The exciting part of the story is that Jupiter will slowly approach Saturn over the next year and several months until the great conjunction that will occur toward the end of 2020.

You will easily find Jupiter and Saturn in the sky throughout the rest of the summer. Notice the distance between them. Each night, Jupiter will be slightly closer to Saturn until they meet next year. This “conjunction” happens only every 20 years. We will have one in I think October 2020, and so at the next conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, I will be like 74 years old, and you will be my age.

My intuition tells me that we have the next year and a few months to set ourselves up for the next twenty year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn. And the key to this is to find our personal integrity and hold fast to it. Everything and everyone who does not resonate with our integrity will fall off of us over the next year and a half if we stay firm in our truth.

But beware! There will be people who ask us to appease them. If we stray from our integrity to make people happy or to preserve relationships that are no longer working, then we will be carrying this forward for the next twenty years. We must clearly define our values and then stick to them, or else we will return to the same cycle of appeasing people who really do not belong with us at all.

If we put a lot of effort or resources into pleasing others, we end up attracting relationships that are not aligned with our integrity and higher purpose. If we feed the neighborhood cats, we end up with lots of cats who come for the food we put out. They are not there for their own purposes, and so when we stop feeding them, they complain loudly for a while and then they leave. If we put a lot of effort into attracting people into our lives unnaturally, well the relationships we build will have foundations in our effort to please. And when we think we are being nice or generous, we really just create conflict between keeping true to our spiritual integrity with a perceived need to keep people happy.

And so it will be for all of us with the coming Conjunction. Our integrity and authenticity will be challenged by relationships that are no longer serving us. And remember, we will have to live with the structures we create now for the next twenty years. So it’s very important for us to all really know who we are and where we stand, and to be firm in this, so everything that does not vibrate at that frequency will eject from our lives.

We cannot be afraid of being alone or of being rejected. This is a time to let things fall away, and we have to wish blessing upon those who are not authentically aligned with us. By standing firm in our truth, that which does not resonate with us will fall away. This may cause some hurt and some upset and we have to allow for that. And so we have to remain firm, but with compassion and understanding that what we do affects others.

We have to recognize that we each must find our own path, and if someone does not resonate with ours, that does not make them wrong, they simply have a different path from us. We all made these relationships based on expectations that we created when we tried to please everyone, and so now that we are going to stop trying to please people, there will be a degree of upset as the situation adjusts. If we swoon to make everyone happy, we will lose the opportunity to jettison that which is not serving.

We will all have an opportunity to step into our authentic selves over the next 18 months, and if we hold fast, we will see everything that does not match with us fall away. This is really the focus I feel for the next year and a few months.

We are all being called to stick to our spiritual integrity and let people decide for themselves if they want to journey with us. We have the opportunity now to set up the structures that will define our lives for the next twenty years. To those who do not want to walk with me, I say “go singing and may you achieve your most intimate aspirations!” But as for me, I see my guiding star, and I’d rather walk alone on the straight path than chase after pleasing people. The next year or so will be critical for this.

And this gets us to the other major news…Mercury retrograde. Yes I realize it started a week ago, but now we are in the thick of it. We have this three or so weeks of review now so that we can prepare for the coming transitions. Let’s not consider this Mercury retrograde to be a bad thing. Sure there may be a few upsets in communications or schedules, but just go with the flow of these. This is a good time for contemplation and reflection about what is really important to us and what we really value. If we don’t feel this in our bones, then we will not be able to walk in any kind of integrity.

This is a time to define what is really important and stick to our guns. This is a time to take joy when things do not work out, and a time to be grateful when we uncover hidden truths, even if they are painful. When we find ourselves in difficult situations or in conflict, give thanks. These difficulties and conflicts give us the energy we need to break from that which is not good for us.

So if, for example, you have a relationship with your boss or your partner, where you are asked to go against what feels right to you in order to make them happy, if you stick to your integrity, you might lose that relationship. But if you give in, you will keep the toxic relationship and lose your integrity. We have a one year window to clean house and set up for the next twenty years. This is a time to make sure we do it right, and that we do it with no fear. This is a time for all of us to define ourselves.

I always enjoy how Astrological events work like a calendar for our lives. We have Saturn returns every 29 years, Jupiter returns every 13, Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn every 20. We have very long cycles like those of the outer planets, and we have very quick ones like the three to four times a year cycle of Mercury Retrograde.

Jupiter transits Sagittarius this year, and by the time it catches Saturn, Jupiter will be in Capricorn. And so next year, when Jupiter returns to opposition with the Sun, it will be in July instead of June. The year after that it will be August when this happens. And so it is that the progression of the planets mark off the epochs of our lives.

And so much is happening in the material to reflect it. I am so happy to have relieved myself of some truly toxic relationships in my life this year. In fact, some of these were far more toxic than I was even aware of. I learned that someone whom I thought was a close friend has been holding on to deep resentments for several years and this has caused so much disharmony. As these relationships are dissolving, thanks to the power of our prayers, the nastiness hidden under the surface comes to light.

Of course it always hurts when we discover these truths, but with them comes freedom. We need to see that we have no obligation to try to get along or create harmony with people who are harboring negativity or persisting in negative behavior patterns. And moreover, we do not have to explain ourselves of worry about whether we are right or wrong. We just need to follow our internal guidance as to what resonates as true for us. What resonates as true will always lead us to freedom from negativity.

Once we learn that we are gaining our freedom, we will learn to welcome the difficult feelings that can come with these changes.

I hope you have a great trip to Mutum, and I can’t wait to catch up with you when you return.


Peace Love Forgiveness

One thought on “The Great Conjunction of 2020 – step into your authenticity

  1. I’m so happy to read this. I realized I missed your posts lol. Thank you. Everything resonated and helped me in my personal processes. Look forward to connecting in person soon. Thank you for your wisdom, insight and purity of heart.


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