Planets calling for Deep Inner Work to Realize our Potential

Dear Spencer, 

Beautiful view of the lake in Guananshe at yesterdays Total Solar Eclipse Sunset! 🌅

I’m writing to you from Jordão and Kenewma’s home at our land in Bahia. The morning is quiet. It’s winter here, and oh how I love it! It’s not like the winters in the United States. When the sun is out, it’s not even cold. There is a coolness in the air that feels like autumn.  My kind of weather! 

I hope you had a wonderful time in the jungle which I’m quite sure you did! Looking forward to hearing more about it all. I have so much to share with you, life is changing rapidly, transforming us from the inside out. 

Yesterday we experienced a Total Solar Eclipse plus a New Moon in Capricorn. The 2nd of 3 solar eclipses this year.  The first solar eclipse was at the beginning of this year in January.  

Last night I read through the blog posts I wrote for the last solar eclipse and it was really cool to see what has come to pass since then.  For, as I have written before, solar eclipses truly turn a page, a chapter, quite literally a new book in our lives. They are a huge time of transformation, uprooting and redirecting. Now is a time to review what has occurred over the past 6 months, since the last solar eclipse, and to truly study what changes have commenced since then. 

Six months ago, I had just arrived back from my trip to Mapia, where you currently are now.  I, then, knew that I was officially going to me making my move to Brazil.  I was also writing content for the Woman’s gathering in Mutum. 

Fast forward to now… I officially moved out of my apartment in Coral Gables a few days ago.  And literally the day I arrived in Brasil, I received an email from our lawyer that my Brazilian Residency Visa has been approved! I’m also preparing to leave in about a week and a half to prepare for the women arriving at the end of this month for our Encounter in the Yawanawá Village of Mutum. 

Spencer, where were you 6 months ago?  What seeds were you planting, that have come to fruition? As I write this, quite a few things are coming to my mind for you, what I am seeing from the outside play out in your life. 

As I was looking over my blog posts from January ( Capricorn Energy Abounds and Stepping into a New Life , I read that, at that time, we were going to have a break with no planets in retrograde.  A time for us to move full speed ahead and to take advantage of that time.  (I also read my thank you letter to 2019, though we’re are only 6 months into it, much of what I thanked has already come to pass!) 

And now Spencer, we are currently almost through with the pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde and in just 4 days, on July 7th our dear friend Mercury is turning retrograde again.  Over the next few days its best to take advantage of this time and complete anything of importance, that we would be prefer to not need to slow down on. 

Yesterday, I read a post on that the theme for the month of July is ‘friction.’

“Friction is caused by two hard surfaces grinding against each other, the resistance then producing a spark capable of ignition.” (The Theme for July is Friction)

These hard surfaces joining together can be symbolized by the old, out-dated ways meeting with the new, exciting ideas and intentions we are currently receiving.   July is a month full of intensity, as we can see with the Solar Eclipse + Mercury going retrograde. If we channel this intensity by remaining positive, seeing the silver lining and focusing on the new which we are being called to create in our lives we can see massive leaps and bounds.  

Yet, with this intensity, emotions can be high. It can be easy for us to be overwhelmed, to say things we may regret later on, to act out.  Yet it is our choice how we choose to channel this energy.  I personally feel that emotional intelligence is necessary at this time. We have been in a deep training for quite some time now. We have all the tools necessary to rise above the tension and use our muscles to work with the light.  To channel it for good, and to ultimately create the life of our dreams.  The path is open for us and it is our personal to choice whether to walk the golden line or not.  For on the spiritual path, there are always choices to be made, the decision to go the higher route is ours.  Not always the easiest, yet this decision is what brings peace of spirit, calls in our inner warriors and helps us to unite together in our Higher Selves. 

Through reading about what the energy of the solar eclipse and this current Mercury retrograde is bringing, I’m seeing that this current month and time is calling us towards much internal work.  Fine tuning. For it’s preparing us to step up in our community, in our life mission, and in our career.  

All of this outer manifestation and work stems from our subconscious.  July is a time for us to journal, go to therapy, contemplate, free write about anything uncomfortable that arises within us.  To dig very deep. For everything we need to know lies within us.  It’s all about unraveling the layers so that we may tap into the gems which are patiently waiting to be revealed.  

Spencer, my heart is full of immense overflowing gratitude.  I’m so thankful to be here. I’m enjoying the quiet.  The time with the horses.  For they are pure magic and through them I feel confident in everything working out in its perfection.   

Two days ago, I took Guana out for a spin. ( I decided to start calling her ‘Gua’ and I think she really likes it! Her personality truly woke up in a way I hadn’t seen her before!) I practiced riding her the way Kate taught me and she listened so well! It was as if she was finally being heard and it literally brought pure joy to her spirit!  

I also used a new ‘Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridle’ on her and I could tell she truly appreciated not having the metal bit in her mouth. Normally, when I put the bridle with the bit in her mouth she raises her head up really high and resists it very much.  This time she seemed almost surprised  kept her head down and allowed me to adjust it without any resistance! 

Eating feed I brought to them 🙂

Miss you already my friend! Looking forward to hear more from you soon. ❤ 

much love, 

Angelique Marie 

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