Jupiter Abounds

Dear Spencer, 

My friend I miss you so much already! I hope you are having an amazing, deep and spiritual journey in Jerusalem. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back, no matter how brief that may be! 

Early this morning the Moon became Full in Sagittarius.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and so is very much at home and happy here.  Jupiter is expansive, generous. And with Sagittarius being the symbol of the archer, we are being asked to utilize this powerful energy to aim the arrow and focus on that which we are manifesting into reality. 

We are also experiencing Jupiter Square Neptune, which is helping to hold us accountable and keep us in check.  Necessary information is being revealed regarding the goals/dreams that we are working towards.  

This full moon brings with it an energy of expansion, of beauty and of creativity.  Now is a good time to move forward on projects, tasks and that which you are working towards manifesting into reality.  For on June 20th, in just 3 days, we will enter the pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde. (Again this is just the pre-shadow, so we are going to begin to feel what we will be experiencing when Mercury actually goes retrograde in July.)

This is a time when life begins to energetically slow down.  Of course this is necessary, for it helps us to take a different approach to our lives and see things in a new light.  Yet, in this time of potent, forward moving energy, we can choose to make the most of it.  Feeling safe and secure, knowing that the Jupiter Neptune Square will keep us in our place.  Ensuring we see all sides to the story.  

Focusing on that which is of most importance to us and giving this our all.  Remembering gratitude for all of the opportunities.  For its from this place, that we can continue to manifest abundance. 

Also due to the strong energetic currents going on, some of us may be feeling a little more tired than usual.  Allow time for rest, take it easy, and open up to the inner states of calmness which is alway present. One step at a time. 

Spencer, with these planetary and Moon energies going on, today was a wavy one for me..  I lost my voice during our spiritual gathering on Saturday. (I wish that I could share an audio recording on here, for I’m quite sure you would get a good chuckle out of it!) 

Anyway, I wasn’t feeling so well today and also had the packing of my room weighing on my mind. Yet, with the coughing, and slight discomfort, I could only sit with it, surrender and to do what I could laying down.  To my surprise I had quite a bit of things on my list that filled up my time! By the afternoon I made dinner, felt a little energized and was able to put a dent into the organization and letting go of the items in my room.

I still have a bit to go, but I’m feeling a good handle on it all and am making steady progress.  I feel confident that I will be ready by the time my plane takes off next Wednesday the 26th.  Which by that time, you my friend, will be deep in the heart of the Amazon! 

May this message sail on a warm breeze from Coral Gables all the way to Jerusalem, wrapping you in a great big hug.  May you soak in each and every moment there.  May there be peace in your heart, calmness in your spirit, and Divine love surrounding you.   

The times we are living in are strong and powerful.  Everyone is going through major transitions.  We truly are blessed beyond words for that which is arising in our very lives. 

Thank you for believing in me and for being the person you are Spence.  Thanks you for your heart of gold and for making the world a brighter, more shinier place!



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