Best time to see Jupiter and it’s Moons In June

Dear Angelique,

Here I am writing you from the Holy city of Jerusalem. We started our trip here on June 10th, the exact date that we here on Earth moved directly between the Sun and Jupiter. This happens about every 399 days, or about every 13 months, and so this opposition moves forward through the zodiac about one sign per year. This year it happened in Cancer.

This is the best time of the year to look at Jupiter in the night sky. Jupiter will rise at about sunset and set at about sunrise, and will be at the zenith in the middle of the night. Jupiter shines the brightest when it is in opposition, and at midnight appears brightest because it has the least atmosphere to pass through.

It’s easy to understand why it makes such a big difference that Jupiter is at opposition to Sun when you realize that Jupiter works just the same way as Moon. This surprised me when I first heard about it, but it makes sense. When Moon is full, she is at opposition to Sun. We all understand that Moon is brightest and shines all night when she is full, and we see her shape is perfect and round.

Jupiter actually behaves in the same way, only we cannot really see the shape of Jupiter with our naked eye. Jupiter reflects Sun’s light just like Moon, and so it makes sense that Jupiter has phases just like Moon, and right now, or on June 10th anyway, we had a perfect “full Jupiter.” Each month Sun will move one sign, and so in about six and a half months, Jupiter will be on exactly the opposite side of Sun, in Conjunction, which is cool, but invisible to us, because Jupiter will be on opposite side of Sun.

Angelique, there is beautiful astrology surrounding Jupiter’s opposition to Sun. Normally when planets are in opposition to each other, we think of this as a challenging aspect, but this is not so with Sun and Jupiter. Jupiter is exalted when in opposition to Sun. This is when Sun lights up Jupiter most brilliantly, and this is when Jupiter’s radiance of abundance rains down on us.

The same applies to Jupiter’s Moons. They are also at opposition to Sun, and are easily visible in the night sky. My favorite way to see Jupiter’s Moons is with a spotting scope mounted on a tripod. It’s super easy to set up, because Jupiter is so clearly visible. Astronomical telescopes are designed more to capture a large area of light to enable us to see dimmer objects than we can see with the naked eye. A spotting scope, on the other hand, is really intended to maximize the magnification of an object. Jupiter and it’s moons are so bright that magnification is what we really want.

When I first saw the moons of Jupiter through a spotting scope I felt awe at the power of this massive planet, which has more than double the mass of all the other planets combined. No wonder it’s so bright in the night sky!

There is a lot of research on the internet available about the meaning of Jupiter in opposition to Sun. When I tune into this vibration, the message Iget very clearly is that this is a time for us to open ourselves to receive blessings. So often we get in our own way with fear and doubt. We feel that we are not deserving of what we want, and we feel afraid to step forth in new directions because we are not sure who will come with us. All of this resistance is a block to our highest good and to the abundance that we can receive.

So for the next month, when you go outside in the night sky, open your heart up to the benevolent energy Jupiter casts down upon us, and simply let gratitude grow in your heart. Let it drive away fear, let it drive away doubt, and let it drive away indecision. Opportunities that arise during this month are meant for you. There is a powerful confluence of forces culminating the night of St. John, and there may really be an opportunity to change the course of our lives right now, but only if we are open to receive.

So if you are working in a job you really don’t like and all stressed out to make your mortgage or rent, and someone invites you to go on a back packing trip to Thailand for the next six months, that invitation may be the first step for a whole new direction in your life.

This is all happening before the great full Solar Eclipse that will occur in July, which opens all kinds of portals and will continue the massive shifts that started with the solar eclipse of August 2017.

This is a time for trust and a time for being open to receiving blessings. And it’s a time to take action without fear. Look for opportunities that make your heart sing out, and take them. This is no time to sit on the side lines. This is a time to take decisive action and really design your life.

Today Angelique, I am going to go swimming in the Jordan River at the spot that Jesus was baptized and from that spot I’m going to be moving very directly to the heart of the Amazon river where Padrinho Sebastião, the modern prophet of St. John, did his work in the heart of the Amazon. I love that I can gaze up at Jupiter in the night sky as Moon grows to her fullness, and then again at the next new Moon when I am there in the Amazon on the other side of the earth.

Angelique, you are so living your dream with your epic move to Brazil. I am so proud of you for your courage and your unwavering dedication to your dreams. I hope that you can look up at the night sky and see Jupiter and know that you are not alone. You are here with other spiritual seekers, and Jupiter is there in the sky for all of us to see.


Peace Love Forgiveness

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