Transformation~ mais uma vez! (one more time) ♥️

Dear Spencer, 

Deep Breath. Relax. Trust. One step at a time. Believe in your power. Remember you are guided. Feel the magic. And also do the work. 

(I had to write these words to help me focus and allow this post to come through.) 

We are entering into an active astrological time.  Much is going on, a time ripe for transformation and change on the deepest of levels. It’s inevitable. 

A few days ago we experienced a New Moon in Gemini.  This is a relatively smooth time for us.  Yet, we are feeling the buzzing, under current vibrations of that which is on the horizon.  Eclipse season is upon us, as it officially begins 6 weeks before the actual eclipse.  A time of preparation. What we are experiencing now is showing up as themes that will be worked on then.  A solar eclipse will be here July 2nd. 


Spencer I learned something that is truly interesting to me. So Jupiter squares Neptune mid June.  Its the second in a series of 3 this year. The first was mid-January, the second mid-June and the third will be late September. 

A story and a theme is being revealed. Pay attention to what arose in January that is being developed now and will give a more final answer in late September. 

Depending on our signs the theme varies a little but its all relatively the same. Its related to our life’s work/mission, the relationships of those closest to us, where we live, family, what we want to share with the world.  We can see big changes in this sector.  Take note of what themes of change were going on for you in January. Check into how that has developed for you at this current point.  And know that in September there will be much more clarity and big changes afoot. 

Spence, for me personally, it’s huge.  In mid-January, I was just arriving back from Bahia.  We decided 100% that I would move there.  This decision has catapulted my life IMMENSELY! 

Now, in June,  I have just completed an equine therapy training, am literally moving out of my apartment and almost feel my spirit in Bahia with the horses. I’ve moved mountains internally in regards to my consciousness, relationship to my family, belief in self, ability to focus, to learn, handle stress. (And much more to go.)  So I’m looking forward to mid-September and seeing where I will be within myself at that time. (Hopefully my Brazilian residency visa will have processed by this time! 🙏 )

What themes have you noticed in your life through this Neptune/ Jupiter square? From January til’ now? 

I’ve read through various astrology mediums and also feel in my core that things are not fully clear right now. The energy is a little fuzzy.  We do not have all the answers for everything at this moment.  And that is okay.  We simply work with what we’ve got.  We must ground ourselves and connect. As it is Gemini season our words mean everything and they also create our reality.  

This is part of the plan and is part of the major movements in astrology right now.  I also want to highlight that come July Mercury will be going retrograde.  (So eclipses and Mercury Rx on the horizon— big changes to come!)

I feel like we’ve had a few months of relatively calm energy to be able to soak in all the lessons from the last astrological storm.  And now whether we realize it or not we are ready for the next level transformation.  

I feel its important we buckle our seatbelts. Ensure our safety. And with this security, surrender, trust and let go. Enjoy this wild ride. Live with a pure heart, give the best of yourself in each moment, forgive your mistakes and love, love, love. Never lose the gratitude for all that is.  And all is going to be just fine.  As it already is. 

Spence, its so nice to write these words.  For they sure do help me to connect and remember where I stand, gives me my firm roots with-in the strong winds blowing through. 


Angelique Marie 

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