Moon Conjunct Uranus

Dear Angelique,

It was so much fun seeing you in Austin last weekend. I can’t believe it’s already Friday of the following week. I have been receiving so many lessons over these last ten days or so. I want to talk about some of them here now, and one of them even has to do with horses.

I may not have told you very much about a situation that has been difficult for me here in Miami. You have been away on your grand adventures, and I have not wanted to bog you down in local dramas. Do you remember our prayers from the beginning of the year thanking 2019 for all the blessings it would bring us? Well for me, one of the big ones was to iron out some of these difficulties.

We have been experiencing a blockage in our spiritual community where relationships are strained because good people want different things. When we are tied into relationships that do not give us the flexibility to follow our divine guidance and our highest good, we grow frustrated. It is very natural then to start to think of the person we are in relationship with as an enemy. When this concept came to me it came with the image of otters and beavers sharing a pond. Otters of course love free flowing rivers. Beavers dam up these rivers and make placid ponds. Can you imagine the arguments? “Those stupid beavers keep damming up the river…” or “those frivolous otters only play in the water. They never build anything”. Who are the bad guys? The beavers or the otters? The answer is they just need a little more space between them.

And so it is that when we are tied into a relationship structure that does not give room for growth, the relationship becomes strained, and we have a tendency to start thinking badly of the person we are in conflict with. But this is not the path of truth. The path of truth is to avoid judgment, have compassion, and simply dissolve the relationship so both parties can have the freedom to do what is in the divine plan for them.

This is especially true for people on an awakened path. Once we truly tap into our divine connection and devote our life to service of a divine mission, we start to receive divine guidance, and if we don’t follow the guidance, well, we get spanked. This is a little bit ironic, because one of the key principles of the doctrine is to love your brothers and sisters, foster union and harmony, and to never talk bad about anyone. So sometimes it is difficult to maintain this feeling of harmony when we want different things.

I have been anticipating the night of St. John this June, which is now almost upon us. The chart for this time shows some very powerful aspects and some real potential for transformation. As this date approaches, things are already starting to shift. Last night at our meditation session, I had some strong feelings of releasing old structures, and I received a real feeling of peace in my resolution to dissolve some relationships that are no longer serving anybody involved in them.

This felt like a strong energy from the stars, and so I woke up this morning and looked to see what was going on, and following my intuition, I was led to Moon in conjunction with Uranus in Taurus. Angelique, one of the things I really love about Astrology is the duration of the various aspects. Like for me, as I have been writing about, Neptune is currently going into opposition with my Natal Pluto. This is a once in a lifetime aspect that plays out over the course of three years, because Neptune only orbits the earth once every 168 years.

Moon on the other hand goes around the earth every 29 days or so. But here is the real kicker and the thing that really makes Moon unique. Not only does she revolve around the earth every 29 days, the earth spins underneath her once EVERY day. So while she comes into all aspects once a month, her gravity effects us with a daily tidal rhythm. What a perfect representation of our emotional world, where we can have these complex shifts and where everything is mutable.

Uranus is the planet of revolution and change. Uranus is Ganesh undoing obstacles and freeing us to fulfill our mission. Once a month, just like all the planets, Moon comes into all aspects with Uranus, and so when I highlight here that the Moon is in perfect conjunction with Uranus, this is the weather for today, but it is also weather we get every month.

I believe Moon conjunction with Uranus to be a very favorable aspect. Good astrological weather so to speak. To me this means that Ganesh is removing blocks in our emotions so we can be free to pursue our highest good. And this is exactly what came to me in meditation last night. I had a strong understanding all the way in my bones about how the need to dissolve a relationship does not mean the other person is BAD. There is no need to justify my need to dissolve. relationship by making the other person the bad guy.

It’s one thing to understand this in the mind like a philosophy, but Moon conjunct Uranus brought this into my emotional body. It enabled me to forgive myself and gave me freedom to go in the direction I need to go in. I had been blocked by my emotions, like in any break up. But now I can see that dissolving this relationship is in everyone’s interest.

Angelique I also love the intuitive nature of Astrology. I am starting to really feel in my bones an affinity for the outer planets. I love how the first planets, through Saturn, are all visible to the naked eye, and govern the things we can see. The outer planets, with their mysteries, govern forces that shape generations and our deep inner world, like dreams, spirit, past lives and destiny. Uranus to me is the Hindu God Ganesh, a benevolent revolutionary that breaks our chains.

Today in alignment with Moon, Uranus is breaking the chains of emotional ties and relationships that are not serving. This is something that can come around once a month.

So Angelique, I think that if you or any other readers, are interested in removing yourself from situations where you are blocked by emotion, perhaps you can look at your chart and see when the next conjunction between Moon and Uranus will be, and then you can pray for Ganesh to come and free you from the ties that bind you.

This is such a great opportunity for me to study Moon. Women, it seems, alway love Moon. They have Moon cycles and Moon circles and all kinds of contact with the Moon, all relating to the monthly cycle. So as a man I am a little left out of these activities. But by studying the aspects of Moon with the planets I can also learn how she affects me. After all, I am mostly made up of water as well, and the Moon moves the entire ocean.

I can’t wait to see you next week! Have a safe return to Miami, and congratulations on completing your horse training. I am so proud of you. Oh that reminds me, the bit about horses. I want to talk about eating grass. That will have to be next time.


Peace, Love, Forgiveness

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